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  1. Hello Peter

    I would like to know what is relationship between MCP and A/T..

    Actually, I am trying to use a new TQ with A/T, but I am facing a problem when the Auto Pilot MCP is engaged and ALT selected, the plane reach selected altitude and doesn't stop to this altitude. When climbing, ti stops to this selected altitude for a little moment, and goback to descent with big vario. When descending to   a selected altitude, it reach this altitude and doesn't stop and continue the descent with a vario accelation, till 4500ft/mn..

    Please can you give an idea about MCP mode affected and the according offsets or any other reason.

    Thank You


  2. Pete Wrote : Erdoes it say that's a problem or is it you saying that? I've no idea what this is about -- the offsets SA_WXR uses were applied for and allocated years ago.

    I am Saying that, because when I have checked your OFFSETS List this range of Offsets are dedicated to your own use

    What is it you don't understand?

    I have checked in FSUIPC list, this Offset is not availabe. how can I add it in FSUIPC.

    For help with SA_WXR itself (a program I use but don't really understand it all), you'd be better off talking to the author

    Unfortunatelly, I think the SA_WXR support does not exist anymore. The question is not according to SA_WXR, but how can I add available offset in FSUIPC

    Thanks Pete

  3. Hi Pete

    Thanks for your quick response. I Have checked the SA_WXR documentation : Offset used are 0x6D00 0x6D02 0x6D03

    0x6D00 Control-Word at (Write) 0x6D00 as long as Bit 7 = 1 which means switch


    Bit7 Bit6 Bit5 Bit4 Bit3 Bit2 Bit1 Bit0

    Toggle/ Range2 Range1 Range0 OFP ON GCS ON Mode 1 Mode 0




    Bit15 Bit14 Bit13 Bit12 Bit11 Bit10 Bit9 Bit8

    Tilt7 Tilt6 Tilt5 Tilt4 Tilt3 Tilt2 Tilt1 Tilt0

    Status Byte at (Read) 0x6D02

    Bit7 Bit6 Bit5 Bit4 Bit3 Bit2 Bit1 Bit0

    Window Range2 Range1 Range0 OFP ON GCS ON Mode 1 Mode 0


    The problem is: Range Offsets 0x6D00

    are Available for your own applications: "apply for allocations to Pete Dowson"

    How can we use these offsets in FSUIPC?

    Thanks Pete for your help

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