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  1. Hi Pete. I was actually surprised to find someone had experienced the same issue as I was seeing. I had not dealt with the indicated airspeed/mach number situation for the longest time as I have been flying low and slow in a C208 where the indicated/true issue doesn't show up. The actual upper winds in one of my recent high level flights did not produce the ground speed I was achieving as well as the fact that I couldn't get over M0.47 without exceeding the over-speed value. I'll have to get the version of FSUIPC registered and see if that makes a difference. I'll also have to tweak FSRealWx and see if I'm missing something there.
  2. I have experienced the exact same issue. I recently started using FSRealWx 3.0 which, I believe, uses FSUIPC. I can only cruise along in my TDS B737-800 at FL380 at mach .47 with an indicated airspeed of 320kts. My ground speed is slightly higher. When I go to the FSUIPC panel and press clear all weather the issue disappears. I'm now able to cruise at M080 (approx. 260kts indicated at FL380) with my ground speed at a normal 450kts. I'll admit I have not registered my version of FSUIPC. Is this the source of the issue?
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