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  1. Hi Pete, There is something that I cannot understand .... I spoke to the Opus Support and i recieve an answer that explain me that Opus Software ( OpusPDK45.dll) don't use fsuipc for link or comunicate with the P3D software and it cannot generate the error link to fsuipc. I spoke to you and you gave me some suggestions for solve the problem link to my multiple devices connected or moving some lines in the dll.xml So the problem is still present and only deleting the command line for OpusPDK45.dll disappear. My devices configuration is the same since a couple of years , without any problems with all other software. And the only error that i have is linked to fsuipc .... So for OPUS the problem is link to Fsuipc routine or other and for FSUIPC is link to opus.dll or other problem in my configuration. I understand that is a strange problem and not easy to find the soultion but It's the first time that i ask a support after many years ... and I was hoping to have a little more collaboration and not the usual barrel discharge Thanks anyway Federico
  2. Hi Pete, I tried to move the order of loading in dll.xml but nothing always the same error... I disabled the WideServers ( is not necessary and i don't why was enabled ) but always same error. I know that if i remove dll by Opus the error disapper .. I spoke to Stephen ( Opus) and for him it's very strange because OpusPDK45.dll not use Fsuipc for working and trying with his computer have no problem ( crash on exit ) He told me that will try to ask you a support for investigate better. Thanks in advance .... Today I will send you a new log and ini file .... could be helpfull Federico
  3. Hi, I have a small problem after installing a new software OpusFsi V6 that use a dll file OpusPDk45.dll for monitoring all functions during the flight. When I close P3D a recieve an error link to unloading Fsuipc.dll ( link file ) I ask to Opus Support and they inform me : Of course our PDK DLL has no connection or interface with FSUIPC or any other 'internal' launched P3D DLL. It simply provides standard PDK functionality for our 'external' P3DSERVER and P3DCLIENT programs. As for our P3DSERVER and P3DCLIENT software I will try and ensure I make no requests to FSUIPC immediately after receiving the sim's Close notification. I'm pretty sure that's what happens now. My software's (P3DSERVER and P3DCLIENT program's) connection is NOT directly with the launched P3D FSUIPC DLL. I interface with an external FSUIPC DLL which connects and communicates with its own internal 'in sim' DLL. There's nothing I can do in our PDK DLL as it has nothing to do with any other launched DLL. It interfaces with the sim using the standard LM PDK interface. 1. P3Dv4.5 hotfix2 2. FSUIPC ( last version ) 3. IF I REMOVE THE OPUSPDK45.DLL FROM DLL.XML NO MORe ERROR WHEN EXIT FROM P3D. Could you help me ? Thanks in advance Federico dll.xml FSUIPC5.log Fsuipcerror.txt
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