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  1. Yes, but it's a shift set up so I that I don't have to hold it down. I will look at the compound button functionality. Strange that it's not low level enough for FSUIPC to read it, since the config app loads the profile directly into the joystick so you don't even need the app if you moved the joystick to another PC.
  2. I'm using a VKB Gladiator NXT and VKB's own config software and FSUIPC in P3D V5. I set up a profile in their configurator to use one of the hat down switches as a shift button so the hat switch has double the number of functions available. However, FSUIPC is not finding these virtual buttons when I'm in shift mode and trying to assign them. P3D itself sees them just fine, so I'm assuming doing something wrong in FSUIPC. Any ideas where I should start?
  3. I thought the cylinder was only relevant when in the air? The issue I'm speaking of is happening on the ground. I'll try the default settings, but the reason I had it set like that was I wanted to make sure I could nuke any and all AI clogging up the approach path. I'll try installing .3 and see what happens.
  4. I think something deeper is happening, as referenced in my previous replies about the traffic zapper not working. Maybe that's a totally separate issue.
  5. Neither of those solutions worked. There's something specifically wrong with the way FSUIPC6 is interacting with V4, because in V5 I can see the AI Traffic limiter in the UI. I'm just going to roll back to FSUIPC5 for V4 and keep an eye out for updates to FSUIPC6 until the issue gets resolved. Thanks for trying to find a solution.
  6. Will try a reinstall. I know the traffic zapper isn't working because I slewed by plane in front of an AI, pressed my hot key, heard the fireworks sound, but the AI didn't disappear. This was all on the ground, not in the air.
  7. The forum has a crazy low image size limit so I'll switch to Imgur. No, that's not what my screen looks like: To add another layer to this, none of the functions related to traffic control appear to be functioning. E.g., Traffic Zapper plays the fireworks sound but doesn't delete any AI.
  8. It just says 6.0 in About. Yes, things have changed significantly. I must've been on quite an older version, because the traffic tab looked nothing like what it is now (I do appreciate the Traffic Zapper settings now being in the UI). Just tried that. It's still just reloading traffic. Sorry, I'm still confused. I'm just not seeing that.
  9. I have updated to the latest version of FSUIPC. I'm having a few issues with traffic: Do I have Traffic Density Toggle set correctly? I want it to function as traffic all ON and all OFF. As it's set up below, it is not doing anything, and is just having P3D reload all traffic. Why does my traffic tab differ from what's in the manual? There's no lower limit box. I would post a screenshot, but it appears I'm limited to a tiny number of uploads that makes it really hard for users to show you what issues they're having. So just go to page 15 in the manual and imagine "AI Traffic *LOWER* Limit..." is missing from my version of FSUIPC, 6.0 Target FPS doesn't work. I went to LHR with traffic set at 25%, target FPS at 30, and ground removal preference at 100%, just to force it to do something. I'm getting 20 FPS and expecting it to delete AI, but I don't see any AI being removed.
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