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  1. NVM it worked... there was a random texturepack in the kdwf folder. i deleted it and it all works. Thanks for all the help guys
  2. Okay sounds fair. If we use 0800, what happends if we reach in game time 0900?
  3. Yep both v21. What is the loading time of the cs if we use the whole day?
  4. 1: We are using the full day. Its better to select a starting time? 2: what are the correct installation places? We did not move files, only the cs and we followed the read me file. 3: yes
  5. Ok this happend. We get the game to work with KDWF with the vanilla schedule. But when we use the cs for KDWF, the game gets stuck...
  6. This cs is not working in mp we get stuck at 80 and 91%. We both have the same files and RT and RC. If we use the vanilla schedule it works fine. What are we doing wrong?
  7. Hi all, So we are trying to do a MP but its not working. If he host, i get stuck at 81% and he at 90%. If i host i am stuck at 9% and he will get in game. We installed RT, RC and the DLC airports, no succes. Both are on the same version of the game (steam). What do we need to do!
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