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  1. John, I downloaded the latest version, reinstalled P3Dv4 ex new and the FSUIPC6 installation program was successful by installing the log file with my registration credentials and the TXT file that I attach. Registration is also OK. Inside P3Dv4 it has been activated and recognized correctly as add-ons and I have displayed the settings mask. Thanks for everything, for the commitment and attention to my report. Pierluigi InstallFSUIPC6.log
  2. Sorry John but I don't know how to copy the text from the Details window, so the only way is to take screenshots. I downloaded the new version from the site but as soon as I start the installer, an error message "Cannot find P3Dv4 or P3Dv5 installation ans so cannot install" appears. My P3Dv4 is installed on a harddisk other than 😄 even if it is present on "C: \ ProgramData \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4" and on "C: \ Users \ Pircal \ AppData \ Roaming \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4".
  3. Hello John. As previously communicated, the log file is not generated. In the ZIP file, called screenshot_FSUIPC6, there is the log that is displayed when you press the "Details" button. However I have launched the installation again and I am attaching the registry screeschots and inserting them in the DOC file mentioned in the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uwn7XQr2_m_BM7DqgeestFk6n3i_NiZU/view?usp=sharing My current version is Prepar3D_v4_Accademic_4.5.14.34698
  4. John, I send you the links of the files that contain the screenshots of the program and the show details. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BQ-p7gTPVfoiyCIzlaQXNawlFaUyuaoD/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FMSJ4SWsWLs7J-JyXWIdYoDFrPb3D91d/view?usp=sharing Thanks Pierluigi
  5. John the application does not load me the video file to be sent but the dice - YOU CAN ONLY UPLOAD A TOTAL OF 0MB – PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ASSISTANCE Can you tell me another way to send you the files? Thanks
  6. As far as you highlight, I answer by point: - Once the error message is shown, the only active button is Cancel - No log file is present otherwise I would have already sent it to you but have you read the doc file where I entered the Details screens? otherwise I send it back. - When deselecting the "add-on.xml" component, the problem is identical, ie it does not install anything new or different. Once the error message appears, the only key that is active is Cancel. To check if there was any problem with my system I tried to install the previous version of FSUIPC6 or FSUIPC5, which uses the old installation method by generating the Modules folder in P3D and everything is regular. - No uninstall log. - The only antivirus running is that of Windows defender which I have disabled but the problem persists. And sorry for my not perfect english. Thanks
  7. Hi Giovanni Yes, the error message is displayed towards the middle of the installation but the green progressive bar continues up to the point where it is indicated in the screen sent. Very little is missing for completion. Once OK is selected, the program does not complete and closes on its own if you press the Cancel button. In the two generated folders, there is no log file with the extension * .log. Deselecting the "add-on.xml" component the problem is identical while FSUIPC5 installs correctly. When starting the uninstaller, compare a mask with the path indicated Uninstalling from: 😄 \ Users \ Pircal \ Documents \ Prepar3D v5 Add-ons \ FSUIPC6 \ and pressing the key compares the message "FSUIPC v6.0.8 has been successfully removed from your computer "but it also generates a txt file containing" Determine which version to uninstall ... ***** Unable to determine which version of P3D to uninstall FSUIPC ****** " I attach screenshots of what is requested. I thank and greet Pierluigi
  8. Thanks John. As requested by you: - Once the installer has been started as an administrator, accepted the license via the I Agree button, the program highlights the components that will be installed then I press the Next button and the path where the program will be installed is highlighted (C: \ Users \ xxxxx \ Documents \ Prepar3D v5 Add-ons \ FSUIPC6) I press the Install button and the progressive installation bar appears and towards the end it shows the error indicated in the attached screen. Going to the Documents folder the program has installed two folders one FSUIPC6 which contains pdf files and the other Prepar3D v5 Add-ons which contains two other folders and an unistaller and a ddl file. See attached screens. The Windows version is W10 PRO version 1909 I confirm that the version of FSUIPC is 6.0.8 because there is a txt file where it is present (Changes in FSUIPCv6.0.8: - updated for compatibility with Active Sky for P3Dv5) and the program has also been downloaded from the site http: // www.fsuipc.com/ What do you need from the indicated file properties? Hello and thanks
  9. Good morning. I resume the topic as indicated by Jon, but I too, as for the first report, have the same problem after the acquisition. I reinstalled Windows, I unzipped the zip file, managed as administrator, but nothing always the same error "damaged installer: invalid operating code". At the moment I have P3D v4 and I purchased FSUIPC6 in the forecast of P3Dv5 since the indications are that they are programmed for both. I gave up and reinstalled the previous version. How can I overcome this problem? I thank and greet Pierluigi
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