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  1. Thanks for replying so quickly. I did not wright the code it was taken from a thread on the Aerosoft Forum: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/140328-as-a320-key-mapping-with-fsuipc/ Attached is the Lua I have taken the Code from. I am unsure as to what lines have been replaced, sorry im not very good at understanding coding. actions.lua
  2. Apologies for posting again. I have created a few Lua files now that work fine but have created another with which to control the Radio Masters taken from the same links as above and this is not working, I have tried both the "On" & "Off" parameters with "Lua Set" as well as the "toggle" parameter with the "Lua Toggle". I have attached the lua. If you are able to assist that would be amazing. Thanks ! A320Radio.lua
  3. Thanks for replying and all the help, I think have enough information to have a look into the Lua and see if something is wrong in there. Thanks !
  4. Hi, sorry about the delay ! I feel like i'm sending you around in circles here as today it has stopped working again. Nothing has been changed and nothing has been unplugged. I have set a profile for the aircraft and have been trying to use the Lua with this profile. I have attached my ini file. Many Thanks ! FSUIPC4.ini
  5. Thanks for replying. when I first made the changes you described above it didn't appear to work so I assigned a button to "Lua A320Engine" in a random attempt to get it to work after pressing this button in the sim all the commands started to work. I have loaded FSX several times since and it is working first time, every time now without pressing the "Lua A320Engine" button which did nothing to start with by the sounds & look of it. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thanks for the reply, i have managed to get it working with your help, When in FSX it does not run on its own I have to trigger it to start (if that's the phrase to use) then the commands run fine, Is this normal behaviour ? Thanks for the help so far !
  7. My apologies if what I have done has frustrated you, I am completely new to this and was only doing what I believed others had done as shown in the Aerosoft forum as I was and still am struggling to get to grips with this. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hi all, I have been following a post on the Aerosoft forum(https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/140328-as-a320-key-mapping-with-fsuipc/) on how to use FSUIPC and lua files to operate controls in the A320. I have followed it to the best of my abilities and have had intermittent results. I am using FSUIPC4, and have added the: [Auto] 1=A320Engine [LuaFiles] 1=A320Engine Sections to my .ini file (A320Engine.lua is the file name) The lua file is in the same directory and i am have a mixed bag of results. Some times it works but 90% of the time nothing happens. I have tied my best to try and understand the lua Documentation that comes with FSUIPC but I am struggling a tad. If someone is able to give me some guidance on this it would be greatly appreciated !
  9. Thanks for the help this seems to have done the trick !
  10. Hello, I am new to using FSUIPC but after years of failing to get various controls to work I thought i'd give this try and it worked, well for one day anyway. I have 2 Logitech Pro flight Throttles which I use (or try to) in FSX. I set up the lever and button commands in FSUIPC and it worked brilliantly. I have gone to load the same Aircraft again today and I have found that the controls have all swapped around. What were assigned to the quadrant on the Left has now been moved to the quadrant on the Right and the same with the Right moving to the Left. I had shut down my system in between the flights as one was the first day and one was today, but surly this shouldn't cause this ? Any help anyone can offer would be very appreciated. Thanks !
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