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  1. MCT

    Manually Fuel settings

    Thx scoobflight, that idea helped! Inside the MCDU would be nicer, but I can live with that! All the best Bye
  2. Hi there how can I set the amount of fuel as I want? At the moment I do my routing e.g EDDF to EDDL and when it comes to the FMC Fuel input i write the word "FUEL" in the scratchpad and confirm it with LSK4 on the write site. The FMC then automatically calculates the amount of Fuel needed for the Dep/Arr distance. So far so good, but this calculations are always very spare, with no much fuel for holdings or long taxi patterns,.... When I try to set an amount of fuel manually e.g 6000kg instead of 4000 as calculated, the FMC always says "Compare Fuel Quantity" and the number of Gauge amount of fuel and the Fuel amount of fuel is different (the gauge doesnt copy the manual input, it seems) FInd pictures below Any ideas? Greetings Manfred
  3. MCT

    Altitude selection

    Hi there, Specs: P3Dv4.5 E170/190 V3 SP2 has anyone the problem to choose Altitude 4000ft or 8000ft ? All other ALT and FL seems ok, but I am not able to select 4000ft and 8000ft onlye 100ft above or below is choosable! Greetings Manfred
  4. MCT

    Handling E190V3 SP1

    Yap! it does! So, in my opinion nothing seems wrong?! 🙂
  5. MCT

    Handling E190V3 SP1

    I pushed the puttons at the rear of the Throttles to perform take off!
  6. MCT

    Handling E190V3 SP1

    Thx a lot for your quick answer! I will try part 1 and have a deeper look into part 2!
  7. Hi guys, Two questions: 1: At the rotation point, when I start pulling my joystick back, to use the elevators, the thrust levers go automatically back to idle? (I set thrust by putting the levers up to 40%, and then autothrust does the rest without my further interactions) 2: The E190V3 is much to sensitive to my Joystick inputs. Manual landing is due to that NOT possible :-( The P3DV4.5 settings to the joystick are all the same to my airplanes and with others, I dont´t have this problems. Is there a setting within the E190V3 SP1 software to make it not that sensitive for inputs? Greetings Manfred
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