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  1. I've noticed this with the E175 as well. This has got to be a 2 minute fix? Anything from the devs?
  2. Hey, something might have messed with your default lights install. I solved it by reinstalling P3D content, which you can do by uninstalling it from your system, and redownloading and reinstalling from your Lockheed Martin account. It's a separate exe so you don't need to worry about losing any in-sim content such as airplanes or sceneries. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey Pete, Unfortunately this isn't what happens. In most aircraft (except the FSLabs Lineup - not sure what they do differently in their code), the airplane panel state always starts from the state it was last left in, even if I don't start the scenario from the "Previous Flight" file. In fact, I've never started a flight from the previous flight savefile; I always load a new airplane, new airport start point, and a new time and click "Start Flight". My concern is mostly related to the panel state autosaves. For example, yesterday, I flew a quick pattern around an airport in the updated
  4. Hi guys, I've just noticed that FSUIPC has been autosaving my situation files for each flight despite having autosave in the menu (and the ini) turned off. Every time I exit a flight, I notice that there's a "Previous Flight" saved file in the documents. This really wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that it interferes with addon airplanes' panel states, causing them to always start at the point I left them on the previous flight. In the case of complex airplanes such as the PMDG line, this ends up interfering with the in-built panel states which causes a whole host of issues. Is
  5. Not yet lol. I keep checking back every once in a while to see if anyone's responded but it doesn't seem FeelThere's all too willing to fix issues that literally affect the airplane's basic functionality. Hope we can get a response soon
  6. Anything from the devs? At least some sort of acknowledgement?
  7. Hi, Just experienced an issue with the E175 v3 where I am trying to go direct to a waypoint on the route - second to the next waypoint, and selecting that waypoint and inserting it to LSK 2L (current next waypoint) results in an "invalid direct to" message. This happens when both "direct" and "active" are pressed. When I press "direct", the airplane simply gives the "invalid direct to" message - but when selecting active, the direct waypoint is replaced on the active flight plan, but I still get the same error message, and the previous next waypoint is still reflected on the ND despite no
  8. Hi, nothing changed on the system except when I installed the freeware door manager you recommended and the P3D SDK for a different purpose (which I have since uninstalled), which afaik should not cause any conflicts. No P3D or Windows updates. Also: I checked the aircraft.cfg for the "[LIGHTS]" entry and it has just listed the lights without a list of its positioning as there is in other planes - is this normal? Update: Reinstalled P3D content and it's working now.
  9. Hi, I am facing the same issue - it worked perfectly up until yesterday but now all lights are gone, even after a complete reinstall of the aircraft. I can only see minor reflections on the wings/ground because of dynamic lighting. Lights on all other aircraft are working, just not sure what is going on with the EJets. I have not messed with any installations of default content, and I am not sure what's going on now as this issue has popped up seemingly randomly. I have recompiled my shaders as well yet it's still not working. What confuses me is that it was working perfectly yesterday a
  10. Hi, I too would like to see the E-Jet's font updated to reflect what it is in the real airplane - as of now it seems that the font used for the displays is a simple Arial. This a great airplane for systems modeling and so it'd be great to have an even more immersive experience with the correct fonts used by Embraer. Attaching some pictures below. Thank You!
  11. Okay, I'll give that a try. Would you happen to know what the commands for each specific door are? Edit: Figured out the control bindings for anyone who's stuck like I was: Shift + E / Shift + E + 1 = Door L1 (Main Door) Shift + E + 2 = Door L2 (Rear Door) Shift + E + 3 = Aft Cargo Door Shift + E + 4 = Forward Cargo Door. Also @scoobflight thanks for the recommendation on the door control panel, and apologies for my previous comment. This works really well, try it out guys!
  12. Hello, Can I please get a definitive answer from Feelthere as to how exactly we open the doors on this airplane - I know it's Shift + E for the main door and Shift + E + 1/2/3 for the other doors but I have no clue which combination opens which door. This is very useful since I use GSX and often get stuck trying to open/close doors. The only thing I know is that Shift + E opens the main L1 door, but Shift + E +1/2/3 seem to be pretty inconsistent/confusing in which doors they open - for example, Shift + E + 1 seems to open Cargo Door 1 but closes the main door in the process. Similarly, I
  13. Hi, I've noticed that the sound of the APU startup and operation in the E-Jets is quite loud - for example during APU startup there's a noticeable whine - is it possible to edit the sounds to modify this and make it slightly quieter to enhance the engine sounds or implement such a change in the next update?
  14. Hi - I reinstalled it in the P3D v4 main folder (instead of the addons folder) and it seems to be working now.
  15. Hi, I recently purchased this aircraft and I'm unable to start a flight from the cold and dark config. I've noticed that none of the switches are movable except the batteries. Even after turning on the batteries nothing happens, and the sim CTDs. I am running P3D v4 HF3 and I'm changing settings from the "EmbSetup" app. What is going on? I don't have this issue with the normal engines running panel state. This is with the E175 v3.
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