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  1. Right - thats what I thought based on my initial posting - just unassign in P3d in advance and add to the aircraft profile in FSUIPC as required - thanks for the confirmation (I've since tried it and it works fine)
  2. I have mixture set to RZ on my CH Throttle stick (4th lever from left) When flying a 3 engine plane (like the Falcon) - I want this axis to be throttle 3. I have the profile enabled for this plane in FSUIPC 6 - but it also still seems to control mixture at the same time - so when reducing to idle throttle - it kills all three engines. Anyone know if FSUIPC can (steal) this axis from mixture in P3d and dedicate it to Throttle 3 ? (I've tried various combinations and it does work T3 but also still provides mixture, which I want disabled in this aircraft) (the work around I can think of is to delete this assignment in P3D and assign it to mixture via a profile in FSUIPC in any aircraft that need it - trying that in the mean time) thanks - Julian
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