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  1. It's the latest version of P3D v4.5 with indeed Hotfix3. Do you also adjust the radar angle? In the small square on your EICA there I put it on +1.0 when climbing and when descending to -1.0 There are so many factors to get a good weather radar display, the cloud thickness etc, etc. And then the question arises how ActiveSky CloudArt reacts and what kind of weather-clouds it generates ..... The future will tell us ..... Greetings, Hans
  2. Hi everyone, I have become wiser again with regard to the weather and the radar. In P3D 4.5 it works but then you may not use the ActiceSky beta version which is also suitable for P3D v5 with hotfix1 because then there will be no weather projected on the radar ..... So for P3D v5.xx no weather radar yet ..... For P3D v4.5, however, radar reflection provided that you use the old ActiveSky and not the beta for P3D 4.5 and 5.xx You can not change in the meantime as I did .... First I used the ActiveSky beta for P3D v4.5 / P3D v5.xx Which does not work with the E-175/195 v3 in P3D v4.5 Then started the ActiveSky regular version for P3D v4.5 but it then gives an error message about a xxx.dll file which gives a conflict and then ActiveSky closes automatically ..... So in summary, Start P3D v4.5 with the E-175 / E195 and use the normal ActiveSky version 7410 then you will have reflection on your weather radar Greetings, Hans
  3. Yes, it works in P3D v4.5 perfect! I use now P3D v5 with hotfix 1 but no weather radar in P3D v5........
  4. Hello, Does anyone know if the weather radar is turned off in the E-175 and the E195 ..... in P3D v5.1? It concerns P3D v5.1 Does it have to do with the disabled “A2A_windshield.dll”? I have the latest beta version of ActiveSky for P3D v5.1 As you can see in the picture, the tab with which you normally operate the weather radar is simply blank ....
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