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  1. Hi Just tested for a a couple hours.......no problems my end!
  2. Hi. I downloaded this product yesterday and i am really pleased with it apart from the fact that their seems to be some missing callsigns. Eg....i get "1543" instead of "Ryan air 1543" or whatever. Can anyone help me fix this? thanks Rich
  3. ok, i,ve downloaded the patch and done the conversion. what a diffrence. now my frame rates are superb, well done i wonder how many people have uninstalled mytraffic because of framerates and do not know about the patch. is it possible to include the patch in the download from simmarket or at least mention it in the download? not everyone visits forums and i don,t want other people to make the mistake i made and miss on a great add-on. i appolgise for my mistake Rich
  4. sorry if i upset any one, i will try the patch and will correct myself if thier is a diffrence. what i ment about " framerates mean everthing to us" is that above everthing else, thier is nothing that spoils an fs9 session more than poor frame rates, in my opinion. As for the "us" bit, try a search for framerates in this forum.I'm not on my own by a very long way rich
  5. I own two different types of traffic ai add on, mytraffic2006 and the latest traffic 2005 from justflight. they seems to be alot of issues raised about poor framerates with my traffic 2006 so i put the program to the the test against it's rival. so if anyones intrested, here are the results. the tests were done on the same system with the same conditions 1. my traffic2006 traffic 100%----- fs9 grinds to a halt ( but lots and lots of nice traffic) traffic 50%------ fs9 still stutters badly traffic 20%------ still not enjoyable traffic 10%------ think i will stick with the default ai 2.
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