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  1. @WildCard or @hexzed I thankyou for all your support and am starting to learn to identify errors. I believe there is a error with aircraft 74Y but can't understand the type of error as I was sure I posted and pasted it in to the correct files. Your help will be appreciated 🙂 output_log.txt
  2. Game loads with no planes what so ever except the GA Local traffic. Not sure how to read of find the error. I have attached the Output.log for reference. Cheers 🙂 output_log.txt
  3. Hi @Pedantic G or @hexzed can anyone tell me in the Full RC List what airplane type B74N refers to? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, it won't open as it too large for Notepad or any application, even word document as it says it larger then 512mb in size 😞
  5. Ok, So was trying to test run making the QATAR AIRWAYS plane in the schedule spawn as the Airbus A350-1000 351 at YMML. Seems to make the game not load any help would be grateful? ARRIVAL: DOH,MEL,351,QR, 904,18:20,00:00,1,QR DEPARTURE: MEL,DOH,351,QR, 905,00:00,22:30,1,QR I added this also via copy and paste from the airplanes.txt file from KFDW: A35K-351-AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A350-1000 -WIDE BODY JET and pasted it into the airplanes.txt file for YMML Have I done something wrong?
  6. Well I hope it got updated realistic graphics and everything stays the same from this version. Just we can add liveries etc. Still can create our own custom real-life shedules etc. Any idea of when it going to be released or what it be called? 😁
  7. So finally I got it working and should be good going from here 🙂 Just a few suggestions: VIRGIN AUSTRALIA CARGO needs to be added. A330-300 and a few Boeing need to be both added to the Cargo fleet with liveries for QANTAS FREIGHT alongside with BaE cargo planes and VIRGIN CARGO PLANES. When is the next update to the game due? where users will be able to add liveries in the game. Kind Regards and Thanks! to all for the help 🙂
  8. So I got a white plane with this: PER,MEL,737,QC,7393,00:45,00:00,1,QE But a change to this: PER,MEL,737,QE,7393,00:45,00:00,1,QE should solve that issue with the livery of QANTAS FREIGHT appearing and looking like something similar like this posted earlier: So to change how ATC Announces it on Departure/Arrival e.g. "Airline Name" Flight Number. Currently it would say EXPRESS FREIGHT 7393. But to change it to announce to say QANTAS FREIGHT 7393, I presume I just change this in the airline.txt file from: EFA, QE, EXPRESS FREIGHT, Express Freighters Australia, Austr
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