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  1. Thanks so much Paul, that's a great help.
  2. Hi Paul, After my query the other day about sending key presses to FSX, my code is working perfectly, BUT I am using both simConnect and FSUIPC Client. This seems a bit over the top, since the only thing I want to do in simconnect now is move the aircraft to a give latitude and longitude. FsLatLonPoint fsLatLonPoint = new FsLatLonPoint(lat,lon); FsAltitude fsAltitude = new FsAltitude(0); //Send Structure to simconnect to position aicraft //simconnect.SetDataOnSimObject(DEFINITIONS.Struct1, 0, SIMCONNECT_DATA_SET_FLAG.DEFAULT,
  3. Thanks so much Paul, the flash would be perfectly acceptable for what I am doing. Yup, that works, thanks for your help. Martin
  4. Thanks so much Paul, the flash would be perfectly acceptable for what I am doing. I will see if I can make that work. Martin P.S. It isn't happy with Keys.M It seems to be expecting an FsControl type. This seems such a quick and easy solution too.
  5. This is my first post on this forum, so excuse me if I've got anything wrong. The question is: Is it possible, from my own code (c#) to send a keypress (m) to FSUIPC which another program, Airport Design Editor will trap as if it came from FSX. All without losing focus from my program? Not realizing that ADE uses FSUIPC instead of simconnect, I coded in simconnect. ADE must somehow receive key presses 'm', 'o' and '.' from FSX, but FSX must have focus when those letters are pressed. Airport Design Editor has a feature which allows one to press 'm' whilst in FSX, triggering
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