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  1. I used the "Profiles in Separate Files" tutorial so I can have separate INI files for each profile. Then I went into the FSUIPC4 GUI in FSX to make a new profile called F18.ini based on a profile called Honecomb Yoke.ini. I can see both .ini files in the Modules\Profiles folder but when I open them up in a text editor, there are no setting to change. What am I missing? The following files are attached to this post: FSUIPC4.ini (registered version 4.974) F18.ini Honecomb Yoke.ini Also... how do I create a profile based on the default button settings (the settings that are in play
  2. Thanks, Pete. I was able to program the switch using offset conditions.
  3. That did the trick. The drivers are not needed to operate the Honeycomb yoke. The drivers come with quite a few aircraft profiles but not much that I could use. Much better to not even install the drivers. From what I can tell, FSUIPC can do everything the drivers can do and more + better. I'm trying to program one of the yoke toggle switches. The switch shows up on the panel of most FSX stock aircraft as a toggle switch labeled NAV on one side and GPS on the other. In the FSX control settings this switch is called "Nav 1/GPS toggle". I found a control in FSUIPC called "Toggle Gps Drives
  4. If I create a CRJ700 flight with just my joystick connected, the plane loads fine with none of the buttons/switches I mentioned in my original post being activated. If I create a CRJ700 with the joystick and Honeycomb yoke both connected, the buttons/switches are activated and the landing gear alarm sounds. Then I tried this: I created a CRJ700 flight with just the joystick connected. The plane loaded fine without any buttons/switches activated. But as soon as I connected the yoke USB cable, the buttons/switches were activated and the landing gear alarm sounded. BTW this problem
  5. I've attached those two files. I would like to use my joystick for the throttle. If I disable controllers to make the FSUIPC4 assignments, can I enable controllers then? FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  6. I purchased a Honeycomb yoke and successfully programmed the buttons using the registered version of FSUIPC. But when I start an SFX SE flight with the default CRJ700, the following buttons are already activated on the VC control panel: Speed Hold Approach Hold FD switch Radio stack window Spoilers activated Landing Gear alarm sounds as that switch appears to be activated as well This occurs even when the program is initially started; not just when I'm changing aircraft. None of the above switches are activated upon start-up when I use my SideWinder Precision
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