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  1. I had set Game for playback and chat for recording as the defaults with still no change.  The sound card is just a USB plug in.  I did try using just the headset without the card and no results as well.


  2. 2 hours ago, crbascott said:

    Well, you’re probably at the point now where you need to provide some clues (specs) like OS version, OS language, speech language (noticed some non-English early in the speech log), PC brand, headset/microphone type, etc. 

    OS Version: Windows Home 10 - 10.0.18363 Build 18363
    OS Language: (should be) English

    Speech Language: set to English

    PC Brand: MSI

    Headset: Hyper X Mix running through Hyper X Amp USB Sound Card


    Please let me know if there is anything else to provide and/or where to pull it from.

  3. 2 hours ago, crbascott said:

    @Xnjy Your output log indicates the speech engine is started. However there is an error in your speech log that points to an issue. The error is "re Error: Internal error occurred in the recognition process." Unfortunately, I think this is a fairly generic error message. 

    However, in doing a little searching this error seems to point to a conflict between a sound card and/or associated apps/tools (example: Vocal Dispatch) and the speech engine. Obviously, removing/disabling the conflict solves the issue. 

    Well, that makes a problem for me since I have no idea what is causing the conflict or where to look to disable or resolve it.

  4. 3 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

    Confirm that there are no odd settings.  Try changing the settings.

    Your issue is local so there is something, a setting and/or program and/or utility, conflicting with Tower's ability to access Window's voice recognition engine and/or your microphone's audio feed.

    I'm not sure what program or setting would be causing the issue.  This is the only program (aside from Discord) that captures audio and is running.

  5. 14 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

    Have you checked the control panels for your headset and/or microphone?

    No external programs handle the headset other than Windows

    13 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

    Have you confirmed 'sticky keys' is off?

    Sticky keys are off.

  6. 2 hours ago, scoobflight said:

    Check the settings for any headphones, speakers, microphones, mixers, audio programs, etc.  These drivers can cause issues even if you don't know they are running especially if they load and sit as a background process when unused.  These types of programs have 'captured' Tower's ability to 'hear' even though voice recognition training works and MSWindow's Cortana works.

    No such programs here on my computer so there shouldn't be anything blocking the ability to capture.


    2 hours ago, NMaggio said:

    After you pressed the shift key and heard the click, wait upwards of 30 seconds before giving a command.

    Same result as last time, even after waiting I still have no sign of input being accepted.

  7. 5 minutes ago, AshleeL said:

    When u click the shift key, do u hear clicking sounds? If u do when you say something do u see anything at all...even if it's not what you said in the command  box above ? (I hope that makes sense)

    I do hear the click and nothing shows in the box giving an indication the program is hearing me.  The computer has been able to hear me as I have been able to set up for speech recognition. 

  8. I seem to be having an issue to getting my speech recognition to work. I have confirmed that Cortana can hear me but the game does not register anything being said while holding down left shift.  I have performed all of the basic set up steps, I am set to English and I have gone through system training.  In order to provide the voice logs if needed, I would need to know where to pull those from.  I also might need some help attaching files of the valid size as I am being told by the system that my files are too big (screen clips).

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