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  1. mailbox

    Game Time

    Hi crbascott Thanks for your reply I should have elaborated further. Its my first time at creating a shedule so I downloaded the retro pack and tried to produce one at JFK. I did that sucessfully with all aircraft showing up but the game starts at 12.00 no matter what start time I put in and the aircraft show up at the start of the game. I assume that if I had a shedule starting at 3am for 1hr then if I started the game at 5am there would be no flights. The original shedule for JFK is fine its just the one I created. Apart from that the game runs ok at all airports. Gary
  2. mailbox

    Game Time

    Hi Guys I have just noticed that when I select 3am or any other time the game shows 12.00. I can't recall seeing this before. Is this an error? Gary
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