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  1. Thanks to EliGrim and MickeyTKSFO for their thoughts. Per Eli's suggestion, I tried the "account management" download retrieval but nothing works. Neither my receipt nor anything else I can find. Mickey, thanks for confirming what I found. Fully agree with your assessment, it is the same for me. Checking my records, I purchased KIAD on November 19 and it was from BMT. When I purchased EGLL on December 20, it had switched to FastSpring and that was that. As it stands now, I don't see any way to download EGLL again, much less update it. FeelThere needs to step up. Thanks.
  2. Hello---Today, April 30, I received the Feel There "Up To Date" newsletter, which announces the EGLL service pack. I clicked on the announcement which took me to the Feel There EGLL website but has no other link or guidance on how to download the service pack. When I purchased EGLL in December 2020, for some unknown reason it came from something called "FastSpring" as a partner of FeelThere. I have no idea why the EGLL purchase was not via BMT Micro, as I own every other airport except for ZBAD, and they all came from BMT Micro. In my FastSpring email receipt, I have the product key but there is no link to download EGLL, as there is in every other airport receipt from BMT Micro. Something is not right here. Welcome any possible advice. Thank you
  3. @battlehawk77, thanks so much for your hard work in building this and your other schedules. I have used them all and I can't emphasize how much they enhance Tower 3D. I always look forward for your future work but understand how hard and time consuming it is! Thanks again!
  4. Thanks Gabor, I just re-installed Real Traffic and KIAD works great! Keep up the great work! Thanks
  5. I did the following without success: 1. Deleted KIAD airport and re-installed KIAD airport 2. Re-installed Real Traffic, I'm certain with the right path 3. Installed KIAD Real Color, again certain with the right path 4. No success. Can only see generic airlines with generic airline schedule. Not sure what the problem is. I have all Tower 3D Pro airports with Real Color, all of them. They all work except for KIAD. I assume I installed as administrator, I didn't see anything about me not installing as administrator or giving me a choice. I double checked the install path and those are correct. Am curious if anyone else is having problems? Thanks
  6. Good day everyone, I just purchased KIAD and Real Color KIAD and am having problems with Real Color, as follows: 1. Installed KIAD airport 2. Installed Real Color KIAD 3. Re-installed Real Traffic 4. Didn't work. Only see generic airlines. Thought I might be doing it wrong so I did this: 1. Re-installed Real Traffic 2. Re-installed Real Color KIAD 3. Still didn't work. Only see generic airlines. I'm at a complete loss. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Welcome any help with this. Thanks
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