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  1. all your questions are right. Its a A320 and i am using Mobiflight to controle the button, but with FSUIPC as input. I will check the documentation, but i understand the LVAR command must still be implemented so i have to wait a moment. Thxs for the quick response next time i will try to be more accurate within the question 🙂
  2. Is there a suport key/switch for the TERR ON ND switch. Cannot find it in the list connected to Mobiflight / FSUIPC. I saw some other post here about it, but they where all before MSFS2020
  3. I understand my search for the TERR ON ND could have taken hours, but i still would not found it 🙂 ???? I also like this key command adopted in FSUIPC7
  4. thxs very much for the quick reply. i will follow up your sugggestions about the " not working" paragraph
  5. Hello, I am new on FSUIPC7 but have a question. I have a throttletek flightbox V2 which can be calibrated in Windows 10. The buttons are all good assigned with a button number. When i use these buttons in FSUIPC7 they all are assigned 1 number lower and then .... not working. In MSFS2020 they get the same number as in Windows but ..... also not working. Especially the master 1 and master 2 toggle buttons..... any idea ??
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