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  1. Later i try to send here my config. For the LVAR with MF , watch here
  2. wow , i just updated it to 7.0.6 yesterday night 🙂
  3. It works only if you push button in sim. In this way i have Abrake led ON lighted-on and DECEL light-on when it decelerate at landing. If i push button on my panel i have Abrake led ON lighted-on in sim nor on panel and DECEL doesn't work. I will have to try to add custom LVARS to MF , it now possible but i have to study how 😄
  4. For decel this work for me ABRK LO DECEL= FSUIPC Offset 0x0C46 , Trasform = if($=1,1,0) , PRECONDITION ABRK LO ON = 1ABRK MED DECEL= FSUIPC Offset 0x0C46 , Trasform = if($=1,1,0) , PRECONDITION ABRK MED ON = 1ABRK MAX DECEL = FSUIPC Offset 0x0C46 , Trasform = if($=1,1,0) , PRECONDITION ABRK MAX ON = 1
  5. Uhm i should try. With custom A320nx i changed my setting, now i use custom event directly with MF.
  6. With which aircraft and version of it ? I noted it doesn't work now with A320Nx custom AP version
  7. @John Dowson if i active the fsuipc wasm module to read lvar then are they avalaible via fsuipc ?
  8. Yes . The last version of MF give us the possibility to fireup MSFS/A320nx/CJ4 events directly, but for output it use fsuipc offset. So the problem is read the value from sim for the custom lvar.
  9. Ok thanks, i will do a check in the weekend. I think also MF should update its software to read lvars from fsuipc, do you think?
  10. Hi, can i use it in combination with mobiflight? I mean, can i read lvar values from MF interface for my output values?
  11. Ok. We wait for new fsuipc with support for lvars 🙂
  12. You mean in the fsuipc ini file?
  13. Ok works. But now i lost fsuipc offset...to light on leds on the my pushbuttons
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