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  1. Hello, yes I'm quite close to ground (for exemple on approchto the airport) so, if no "onground flag" it is normal to see them since they are in range and potential conflict (appear on white lozange). the important is that my own aircraft is not detect as conflict anymore, for the rest I can live with it. thanks again. BR
  2. also after a while of traffic, the just landed planes (on ground) remain displayed on TCAS.
  3. OK, i confirm it works. just one thing. When starting the sim, the ground traffics are displayed and disapears, but only after at least one minute. BR
  4. Hello, sorry for late reply. yes, it looks ok now. Thanks for your great work. however I was not able to confirm the TCAS works when getting close to inflight traffic since I didn't met any after updating. FS 2020 doesn't look very populated. Best Regards.
  5. Hi all, I don't had crash anymore for a long time. not sure what I did but I remember I change some lines in the simconnect.xml. I changed all the "local" to "global" and reboot. maybe it worth to try. Best Regards.
  6. Thanks Pete for your investigation on this topic. As I'm not familiar with SDK, I guess I wouldn't have find myself. Understood that it must be fix by FS team. thanks again. Best Regards.
  7. Hello, I use Prosim 737 (even if no 737 available yet on FS 2020), I'm experimenting things to see if everything goes well. It works quite well, but I find an issue with TCAS. it looks like our own aircraft is considered as a traffic, on ND, there is always a red square and aural warning from TCAS is constantly call out. If I'm not wrong, prosim take the information from FSUIPC traffic table (I don't know much details). thanks for your support. Best Regards.
  8. Hello, I would like to add, that in my case, it is disconnected after about one minute of flight and remain disconnected untill fsuipc is closed and re-open. when fsuipc launch again, after one minute it freeze again. Best Regards.
  9. hello, I can calibrate all my axis on fsuipc. After staring the sim, check surfaces controls are moving ok, but after a while, when airborn, all the inputs freeze. in the log, i can see dozens of lines "TransmitClientEvent failed!" I run fsuipc as admin. you can find the log showing this attached. Best Regards. FSUIPC7_2.log
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