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  1. OK John, thanks, I'm under MSFS update process. I will try after that, hoping this update will not break too much things. thanks again for your great support.
  2. thanks John, I saw that in the user manual, I already try the double quote, but the result was the same. you can find in attachment my iniFSUIPC7.ini
  3. Hello, since version 7.2.3 (maybe 7.2.2, I didn't use it), my programs section in the ini file doesn't work. the lines are shown in the log as "error = 267". it was working ok with 7.2.1 any idea? log part below 656 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 3156 Simulator detected 3156 FSUIPC couldn't run: "c:\ProSimMCP\ProsimMCP.exe" [Error=267] 3156 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\IOCards\SIOC\sioc.exe" [Error=267] 3156 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\ProSimAudio\ProsimAudio.exe" [Error=267] 3156 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\ProSimAudio_2\ProsimAudio_2.exe" [Error=267] 3156 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\Simulator Control Program\GSControl MS-FS V10.1.4.exe" [Error=267] 3156 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\ProSim737\ProSim737.exe" [Error=267] 8219 SimConnect_Open succeeded 8219 Running in "KittyHawk", Version: 11.0.282174.999 (SimConnect: 11.0.62651.3) 8219 MSFS version = 11.0.282174.999 thanks in advance for any help. Best Regards.
  4. hello, no no, I don't want to inject weather in MSFS (I'm happy with the embedded one). the idea, is to have weather data coming from another source to populate offsets or Lvar, or whatever, the same way it was before (FSX P3D), some kind of legacy mode. like this I could use my older addon, like weather radar to display some return, not the one from MSFS weather (since we can't do anything with it) but from another weather addon, in this case FSrealWeather (which is FS9 or FSX mode). I know the weather will not match perfectly but at least it should be roughly the same. the idea is to see radar return on prosim ND taking the information from somewhere else than MSFS.
  5. I try FSrealWX to get the weather data. This one is interesting because it is freeware and have 3 modes. FSUIPC Simconnect FSUIPC + simconnect the positive points are - it can run at the same time as MSFS and FSUIPC without crashing itself or the other programs. - in the status window, it can recognize the position of the aircraft and download weather around (source NOAA) what i don't know is where all these weather information goes into FSUIPC? I don't understand how to simulate older method of weather injection into FSUIPC. my knowledges are too limited. I just know a little about FSUIPC and never understood anything about simconnect my goal is to make some legacy function like weather radar to work with MSFS without taking the information from MSFS itself but from a third party programme running in parallel. if someone is interested in this method and have much knowledge than me, then you are welcome. 😁 Regards.
  6. OK, thanks for prompt answer. I will have a look. I need to learn more about it first, my knowledges are limited. Best Regards.
  7. Hello, would it be possible to populate the weather offset that are not used by MSFS with some information coming from 3rd party software or metar retrieve. this may allow weather radar to work like they did before. not sure I'm clear.
  8. Hello, I use prosim with the beta flight model 737-800. this flight model is to be used only with prosim, since it has no virtual cockpit. this flight model is intended to be used with prosim V3, and provided with it's own wasm module. but I use prosim V1 and it is not supported with this flight model. it works for me, except some functions like individual lights, door system, retractable light animation... it is communicating directly with simconnect i think. that's why I thought that, with this new function of FSUIPC, I could make it work instead of using the wasm module provided, but no... that is the story. I don't expect any support from prosim because V1 is not supported anymore. Regards.
  9. Hello, it is addon aircarft. this is specific situation, so maybe don't bother too much about this. Regards.
  10. thanks for your answer, the Lvars I want to manipulate are listed under the wasm menu, but for some reason it's not working. I'm not High level IT guy, so I don't really understand your explanation. I will continue to think about it and test. anyway, thanks for the help. BR
  11. thanks Pete, it works with some Lvars from default plane. unfortunately it is not working with the flight model I want to use, so I conclude it is due to flight model. BR
  12. Hello, I try to control some Lvars via offset, but I can't make it work. here what I did while running the sim, I pull the list of available Lvars for my aircraft for example lets take the following one 269563 [INFO]: ID=003 B738_Landing_Light_Left = 0.000000 then I add it to the FSUIPC.ini like this [LvarOffsets] 0=B738_Landing_Light_Left=66C0 i didn't precise the lengths of the offset because I don't know it. after I modify my SIOC code to use joystick emulation function Var 0198, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 2, Input 42 // Light Main Fixed L On { &joystick64 = changebit 29 v0026 } the joystick emulator part works fine because I use it in other parts of the code now, I'm not sure what to assign to the virtual button, offset byte set, offset word set... i try several, and in the declaration as well but I never make it work. I think I'm missing something important but I don't know what. another thing, on this version of FSUIPC I didn't find the way to display offset in real time (in FSX it could be display on game) but I don't understand what is the method now. thanks for your help.
  13. Solved! I remove FSUIPC from the EXE.XML and run manually with the other programs launch in the FSUIPC.INI after the aircraft is ready to fly. everything works as it should.
  14. thanks, I will experiment more to see if I can find a workaround on my own. I can't ask prosim support because I still use V1 and it is not supported anymore. BR
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