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  1. I've done more testing now, and the same crashing happens with or without TrackIR running, but at much larger (a factor 10 probably) intervals when it's not.
  2. 230MB 🙂 I cut about a half million lines of simread events from the middle. FSUIPC7-x400.zip
  3. FWIW, the trackIR shows up as a controller in the control options now. I assumed that meant it was accessed as a HID device. I don't think that used to be the case, though. I'll do some testing with an without it nonetheless.
  4. Of course. Will post later today. Lots usually, but during that testing, the only thing I had running in addition to FSUIPC and the sim itself was Track-IR, which I don't think is using SimConnect?
  5. Yes of course.... In doing that I did find something interresting in the simconnect log: It seems like every disconnect is preceded by a: 2121.74087 [326] I/O Error! (2, 80004004) I don't have any other traces of any hardware errors on my system though, so It's not obvious what exactly is the problem. Fwiw, 0x80004004 usually means "Operation aborted". I think it'd be a bit weird to call network issues "I/O error", but I'll try some offline flights in any case. Btw, the crashing fsuipc logs the following: Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywor
  6. Yeah, the simconnect log is 45MB. So even after compressing 90% they're still about 250 times the limit. 🙂
  7. I have the same issue but perhaps even a bit more severe than the others in here, since the build from page 1 in this thread actually crashes and dies when the disconnect happens. It seems to me that it disconnects after a certain amount of data sent to flightsim: If I'm on autopilot and basically not touching the controls, it can live for hours -- if I'm doing crazy flights up rivers and under bridges and whatnot, it can crash in less than a minute. Almost makes me guess that Asobo is profiling simconnect data and have a counter that overflows or something. Anyway, I have som
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