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  1. Ok...understood. Tomorrow I will apply Your suggestions. I prefer to dont use the Ms xml solution due to prevent possible updates from Microsoft. Thanks
  2. Hi, recently I updated FSUIPC7 at latest release 7.0.4 via the installer. As per previously updates I replaced the FSUIPC7.ini with the older because it contains some personal settings. I also use the older MSFSwithFSUIPC7.bat to launch MSFS, FSUIPC7 and MOBIFLIGHT (I added a command line in MSFSwithFSUIPC7.bat to launch MobiFlight). Now when I launch MSFS with FSUIPC7 shortcut on desktop FSUIPC7 seems start twice as reported by the message You can see in attached image. I also attach FSUIPC7.ini and MSFSwithFSUIPC7.bat and FSUIPC7.log Not a big problem: I close the warning and
  3. Hi John As usually a lot of thanks for answer and your great job Bye
  4. Hi, I bought the first release of FSUIPC7 and discovered that now is version 7.0.4. Where is possible to discover if a new release is avaiable ? Thanks
  5. Yesssss, off course. Thank and HAPPY NEW YEAR
  6. Hi, could be possible to exclude also the file MSFSwithFSUIPC7.bat from overwrite with new one when an FSUIPC7 updated release will be installed ? This because I add extra command lines in order to add other functions during startup process like run Mobiflight connector etc. If not I will continue to save the old one and also looking in the new one batch file if are different lines. Thanks
  7. Hi John, thanks for Your attention. Finally I understood that is another, another, another MSFS bug. Bye
  8. Hi John thanks for suggestion. I will test and inform.
  9. Hi John, i'm retired technician and in the latest ten year i have installed here in Sicily about 800 internet connections like yours. The speed could not go more over 30 Mb (at reasonable cost). Good luck for next provider and Merry Christmaa and Happy New Year (without covid we hope).
  10. Hi John and thanks for answer. The CRS issue is not a big problem and I can wait. Regarding connection problem I'm afraid if You are without it. Fortunatelly I discovered this morning that my provider double me the speed (from 100 to 200 Mb) without extra cost...probably a Christmas gift...non only bad covid news also. Bye
  11. Hi John, thanks for replay. In attachment the requested files. I also saw that in logs are other events logged not used by me like : 13640703 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66096 (0x00010230), Param= 0 (0x00000000) AP_MACH_ON It is better to include that events in "DontLogThese" item in fsuipc7.ini ? Thanks for support. Bye FSUIPC7.at ground.log FSUIPC7.in fly.log FSUIPC7.ini
  12. Hi, I dont know if this behaviour is correct or not: I set the VOR COURSE value with an encoder and 65662 param 0 for decrease value and 65663 param 0 for increase. When I'm NOT in fly (at parking) this works always correct (decrease and increase by plus or minus 1 degree). When I'm in flight and attempt to reach VOR radial the value change plus or minus 5 degrees. The encoder works correctly and not send false impulses. Thanks for suggestions.
  13. Ok...by reading ini and log fsuipc7 files now I understood a little bit better how Assignments working. Thanks for support Bye
  14. Hi John, I do a quick test but via a remote laptop also I cannot move physically the TCA Quadrant but I recognize via fsuipc7.ini and fsuipc7.log that: The Joy# letter is E also is the TCA Quadrant. I have to push some times "Ignore Axis" button and ignore E-Z, E-V, E-R, E-U, E-Y, E-X (joy#-axis# received inputs) before have joy# and axis# fields avaiable. Ok, tomorrow I will be able to operate the TCA throttles and proceeding with assignments. Thanks for help P.S. only a doubt: the FSUIPC7 assignments are like an overlay over the existing joystick MSFS assignments als
  15. Thanks John. Tomorrow morning I will verify Your suggestions. Now is dinner time and i'm going at Home Restaurant (the best and only permitted Restaurant in Italy for now). Bye
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