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  1. sorry John i have been busy with life and finally had time to sit down at my PC. ill get you the INI file the dial set is on the rudder pedals to make the tension lighter or stronger physically
  2. I changed it to FSUIPC calibration however it is way way more.touchy than FS2020 sensitivity which makes no sense with how I barely touch the yoke, throttle and ruddeer (plus I have a high tension dial that is set Auto rudder was enabled i disabled it for VFR routes
  3. I did read that but didn't know if things have changed since then. I just wanted to get direct confirmation from you. MSFS has been touchy with me since it came out and im.just kinda making sure I get approval first so it doesn't rear end my side and I have to fix it. Thank You for helping! Hopefully its all smooth running from here. In a couple hours ill.hop on my PC delete those MSFS Axis and then put FSUIPC6 INI in FSUIPC7 and see how it performs. Will report back
  4. Shoot forgot to delete those axis in MSFS. Thats why I have that disagreement. You can tell the rust on my brain since the last time I had to re calibrate FSUIPC for a new sim.
  5. I'm guessing it's a disagreement between the sim and FSUIPC?
  6. No sir just FSUIPC and the sim I do have the controls being sent to FS as normal axis
  7. figured it out! in the options and controls and keyboard hotkeys of FS2020 there is this stupid CO pilot hand off where the sim does pretty much everything for you. thats where the throttle and my keyboard responses were not playing a roll in!. the hotkey was CTRL+ALT+X so i just cleared. however i have a lot of tweaking to within FSUIPC and might just copy and past my P3D V5 FSUIPC6 INI into 7 if i can FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log
  8. yes saitek is removed. let me get this flight done for you
  9. ill assign the "G" for gear this go around and see if it works. i dont understand why it can cross use FSUIPC for AXIS and the Keyboard keys defaulted by the sim like in P3D and FSX assigned "g" for gear toggle nothing happened log underneath FSUIPC7.log
  10. ill grab the axis log for you as well
  11. flight simulator available: connected started a flight logs below yoke and rudder work (send to FS as normal axis). keyboard hotkeys does not. mouse pan does work as well as cockpit button and switches. throttle: send direct to FSUIPC calibration only works for calibration still bot working in sim Send to FS as normal axis no response to Joystick calibration and or sim FSUIPC7.log
  12. its like the sim disables everything and cries because youre using FSUIPC instead of its trashy system
  13. so i tried it again and the throttle doesnt work and i have assigned that as well as configured that and also none of the hotkeys on the keyboard work either
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