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  1. OK, understood. Is for private use for my Cockpit, and eventually some opensource projects, if some time I have a comercial stuff I will email directly to you. Regards Rafael
  2. OK, so if I understood well, It is legal if I create my onw server that directly talk to FSUIPC with out WideServer and other custom made client runing on a separate Computer o Device, does that apply to FS2004 too? Regards Rafael
  3. Mr Dowson. I have developed custom software for my sim and also contribuited to your project with my RealBasic FSUIPC SDK viewtopic.php?f=54&t=54654. I'm constantly searching the way to improve the simulation experiencie and found a lot of electronic stuff that is helpfully for that, some new chips are very interesting for their ability to direct talk to an ethernet network, normally TCP/IP, those chips can be programed to do something, in my case mechanical gauges and other components for my cockpit, the problem is that those chips or devices does not run Windows so Wideclient can not b
  4. Sorry I don't have RealBasic 7 to test it, do you have an older RB6 to try it?
  5. Sorry I misspelled it Another mistake I have readed now you announcement at the top, so as I understand FSUIPC will continue providing us the same way of conectivity to FS xyz Regards Rafael
  6. Hello folks I downloaded a demo version of FSX an noticed that there is a XIPC.DLL not shure what it is but by the name it sounds like FSUIPC, will MS have it's own interprocess API?, and if so is it derived or compatible from Mr Dowson FSUIPC? Also I tried to install FSUIPC on that demo and it was ignored, of course I know it is a demo and may not have all functionality working. All this is just conjectures but I would be more clear on this. Regards
  7. Hello, Sorry If I write with out being invited, but as I saw that Mr. Dowson is not interested in your invitation I may be interested on help you, I'm currently on the process of building cockpits and I have a couple of customers in my country Ecudador - SouthAmerica, I'm bulding a General Aviation Trainer and on the drawing desk is a B737-200ADV for a local Airline I have my own circuit boards and software to do that I have also developed stuff for the public fo FSUIPC see http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=54654. If you have any interest on my work please contact to my email add
  8. I'm pleased to announce the availability of a port of FSUIPC SDK for RealBasic, following instructions from Mr. Peter Dowson I posted this information here, it was developed using RealBasic 2006 R1 older versions may not work (not really shure). Attached you will find the source code sample programs and readme files. For more information about offsets and other usefully stuff please refer to Peter Dawson FSUIPC SDK documentation. For questions, and bug reports contact dev.rvallejo@gmail.com Enjoy Rafael Vallejo http://www.goldwaresoft.com UIPC_RealBasic_SDK.zip
  9. No Version Information? Tut tut! In that case the answer is to purchase a User key for FSUIPC. Then all the application validity checks are bypassed. Regards, Pete OK I will proceed in that way thans and sorry for the delay in my response :D
  10. Hello folks, I would like to know if there is a way to get this RealBasic module, class or what ever it is :)
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