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  1. I've got it syncing about 30 LVARs now and it's performing fine... in fact, the 'P3D stuck on startup' issue I mentioned has gone away since I tidied up my thread handling a bit (Web devs should really not try their hands at concurrent programming). The app is working out quite well. I've got conditions being evaluated as C# scripts which lets me do complex conditionals (ie only set an LVAR value if the conditions are met) and I'm adding support for offsets as well. Since offsets can be backed by a wide range of values and types, that got very complex very quickly, so I'm only supporting
  2. Compared to reading offsets, yes. Every LVAR read or write takes one Process() call. Usually around of 10ms. Whereas you can read many offsets in a single process call. Is that just an inherent limitation of FSUIPC, or is it the sim itself? SPAD.neXt seems to be faster - I did look at the LVAR bridge that ships with it to see if I could use it, but it's a private library and it's not documented, so while I might be able to bind to the entry points I wouldn't know what I was doing. Plus... COM interop 😞. Going via FSUPIC via your library has a much lower barrier to entry for someone w
  3. Hi Paul. Is reading / writing an LVAR a particularly performance-intensive operation? Would reading one or more LVAR values regularly (ie as often per second as possible) be a costly process? The reason I ask is that I'm writing a small utility to monitor the values of specific LVARs and then, if they change, trigger an event that I can subscribe to so that I can send a message to a client program on another PC to set the value of the same LVAR on another instance of P3D. What I've noticed is that if I have a thread constantly polling the values, it does seem to have an impact on FPS
  4. Hi Paul. I'm using the current stable version of the Nuget package with a .NET 5 WinForms app (using TFM net5.0-windows, so it's Windows-only, of course). It works fine (so far) but I get constant warnings about the Nuget package being restored for .NET Framework 4.8 or lower. Any possibility of getting a version compiled for netstandard2.1 or net5.0-windows? As people start to migrate it's becoming more painful being constrained to .NET Framework projects as .NET 5 has some significant improvements derived from the .NET Core side of the family. Just thought I'd ask 🙂
  5. For the record, I see the same. Light leakage at points where there are joins in the model. I'm assuming this is down to the same P3Dv5 changes that made exterior lights on some aircraft models leak into the cockpit. From what I understand, it's a question of updating the model itself, so I guess that's a job for Aeroplane Heaven for v3? I appreciate you wouldn't want to make promises or give a schedule, obviously, but is there any likelihood that we might see an updated version of the aircraft that is officially supported on v5 and fixes the most reported issues at any point in 2021?
  6. A quick reply to summarise my further findings: the reason why there is so much more data in the 5.11 output vs the 4.84 is because (according to the log in runways.txt) 4.84 doesn't actually find any taxiways (or indeed anything else other than two closed runways) at UK2000 EGLC. All the taxiway data for EGLC output by 4.84 is from the default P3D EGLC. 5.11 does enumerate the taxiway and other data for UK2000 EGLC as well as the default EGLC, hence all the 'extra' data I mentioned at the start of the thread. Pro-ATC/X somehow gets confused with this output. As to exactly why, I don't k
  7. +1 for this - it's what I ended up doing. I have a fairly unholy mixture of key binds via the FeelThere config app, mouse macros, and a few LVARS to get the jet working with my MCP, switch panel etc. There's a huge set of LVARS for the E-Jets - I could probably switch a lot of my key bindings to LVAR control, and I might well do so in future. Setting an LVAR from Spad.NeXt is easy - but it's easy from FSUIPC too. This is actually one of the more cockpit-builder friendly aircraft I have in my hangar.
  8. Right there with you on that. I often find myself looking at code I wrote a few years back and thinking 'how the hell did I ever understand how this worked?' 🙂
  9. Hi Pete. If I were certain that that's the root cause, that would be a great option. On the previous thread, though, you did produce a build of MakeRwys 4.892 with a similar command line option (/oldnodraw), which I downloaded and ran, and that data set did not work in Pro-ATC/X, so I suspect the problem is more fundamental on the Pro-ATC/X side. I do appreciate the offer, but I don't want to make extra work for you if it isn't going to help solve the problem.
  10. Understood, and thanks for your help. Much appreciated. If I do find a solution that works, I'll post it here in case it helps other Pro-ATC/X users.
  11. If I run 4.8.4 against my P3Dv5 install it scans through the BGLs in the scenery areas listed in the scenery.cfg, but it only finds 1 airport and 2 runways. I've not been able to make it work correctly on any of my P3Dv5 installs (which is all of my actual sim machines). It also doesn't appear to invoke the LorbySceneryExport.exe which is in the same folder; if I run that separately, rename the output to MakeRwys_scenery.cfg and then run MakeRwys with the /ssng option, it will read the add-on scenery but it still only sees 2 airports and 2 runways on my clean-install-plus-UK2000-EGLC build. An
  12. OK, thanks Pete, appreciate the response. I will get into ADE and see if I can work out what the data *ought* to look like. Is it possible to download the intermediate versions of MakeRwys anywhere? Just binaries. It would be useful for me to be able to run the test using a 4.9.x build, for example, and a 5.0.x build.
  13. Hi. I mentioned in a thread over at Avsim that I was putting together some data on a problem I've been having with Pro-ATC/X no longer recognising or announcing taxiways on some airports (for this post I'll be looking at UK2000's EGLC specifically) after importing data generated with MakeRwys 5. There was a previous thread about this issue which Pete Dowson diagnosed as being probably down to Pro-ATC/X interpreting the taxiway data incorrectly after changes were made to MakeRwys to fix an issue with hold short points being given the wrong type. For reference, the previous thread is
  14. That's interesting, because on my system using the GSX fuel truck does not change the fuel amount in the E-Jets no matter what value I choose. I have to use the P3D fuel dialog or else I cannot change the fuel levels at all. EDIT: Ignore me! I just realised I was attempting to set a lower fuel level than I already had. GSX will only *add* fuel, not take it away. Doh.
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