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  1. John - thanks for the heads up. Yes, I have also be setting up for the FSLabs A320. I will follow instructions in the article you mention. Allan
  2. I am trying to program the MCP buttons. Taking HDG as an example, I found in the PMDG_NG3_SDK.h file: #define EVT_MCP_HDG_SEL_SWITCH (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 392) Also: #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 // equals to 69632 So adding 69632 and 392 I get 70024 If I then use FSUIPC to issue "ROTOR Brake 70024" on the HDG button but the HDG button does not activate. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. John Thank you! What a difference the LACK of a P makes. All is now working perfectly. Allan
  4. The Honeycomb Bravo has a rotary switch to select between ALT, VS, HDG, CRS and IAS. Once the selection is made there is another clockwise/anticlockwise rotary switch to increment or decrement the associated value. The associated joystick/buttons are (64,20), (64,19), (64,18), (64,17) and (64,16). Clockwise is (64,12) and anticlockwise is (64,13). The aircraft is a Gates Learjet 35A and the sim is P3Dv5 HF1. The compound commands set up are: 13=CP(+64,20)P64,12,CRX4000010c,1 -{Macro LearJet35A: AltInc2}- 14=CP(+64,20)P64,13,CRX4000010c,3 -{Macro LearJet35A: AltDecr2}-
  5. Whooops - found my problem. I had put a comma after the condition that was not the correct syntax. The error code threw me. Allan
  6. The FSUIPC.ini with the error section [Buttons.LearJet35A] 0=R2,3,C65792,0 -{AUTOPILOT_ON}- 1=U2,3,C65792,0 -{AUTOPILOT_ON}- 2=P2,2,C65596,0 -{THROTTLE_FULL}- 3=P2,20,C68086,0 -{BEACON_LIGHTS_ON}- 4=P2,21,C68087,0 -{BEACON_LIGHTS_OFF}- 5=P2,23,CM10:6,0 -{Macro LearJet35A: LandLightOFF}- 6=P2,26,C68089,0 -{NAV_LIGHTS_ON}- 7=P2,27,C68090,0 -{NAV_LIGHTS_OFF}- 8=P2,28,C66052,0 -{STROBES_ON}- 9=P2,29,C65560,0 -{STROBES_TOGGLE}- 10=P2,22,CM10:5,0 -{Macro LearJet35A: LandLightON}- 11=P2,24,CM10:5,0 -{Macro LearJet35A: LandLi
  7. *** Moved from FAQ sub-forum to main support forum *** What is the technique to send multiple controls when a button is pressed? If it is documented in one of the supplied manuals, please advise the manual name and page number. Thanks Allan
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