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  1. Just let me know if it does Nikolaj please and then I can report it on their forums I think there’s more people having this issue the reason they are not reporting is that not a lot of people do 7 hour flights or more plus there’s a lot of people not using rex at the moment as it’s not p3dv5 compatible thank you once again to jonh and pete in helping in this matter
  2. No all you do is choose what you want to install and don’t run when the sim is running that stopped my issue all together
  3. Where are them files located please Jonh so I can modify the values please it has been ok for the last few weeks since I have disabled skyforce as I have seen somewhere that it was causing issues with simmconnect
  4. My add ons used are chaseplane pmdg 747 747 immersion active sky beta 8 gsx sode aig traffic aí companion no on-line flying I don’t use antivirus and I have turned off windows defender as well to make sure it’s not that also I have checked the usb devices and the power management settings as well
  5. I am on a test at the moment ad so far so good 6 hours into it I have the feeling it’s cos of skyforce as it’s causing issues with simmconnect I can’t say for sure but it might well be that in my test I am only using active sky .pmdg 747. Aig for the aí traffic .and aí companion .chaseplane and finally 747 immersion . Once I am done I will post the log here if it happens again it’s strange but that’s what happens and it’s only after 7 hours and the aircraft needs to be powerd up for it to happen been summing for over 15 years and never seen this kind of stuff besides us 2 I know at least anoth
  6. Where can I find this log custom feature please the only feature that I have that mentions word log is in the main panel of fsuipc in the sim that says logging but there’s no mention of custom ?
  7. The saved files should be there on the p3d load flight page as it always did before if I exit tge sim and go back in it and then try to load the saved flight there’s nothing there at all only the p3d default flights and missions as before if I saved a file or used the auto save with fsuipc it would show the 2 files I am requesting to save i have used it in v4 never had these issues before leaving the sim running over 17 hours sometimes the sim stops responding after 7 hours only nothing before or in between so flight run normally until the 7 hour mark I the sim stop responding on
  8. i dont seem to be getting log files 1.2.3.etc etc it just stays on 0all the time it wont let me send you the log cos it keeps saying its to big
  9. hello jonh again so for this test i have used the following addons :pmdg747,active skybeta ,chaseplane,parallel immersionfor the 747,aig traffic add on ,ai companion ,and rex sky force,mk studios for the lppt scenery and ,flightbeam kden . i did delete the panel state in the pmdg to be fresh before i started the flight thats it at the begining of the flight everything was saving as normal 2 files every 600seconds as soon as it happened all the saves where deleted as you can see in the attached file i have done the simconnect log file but i am not sure its correct as its 6 gb long it wont let
  10. I am doing a flight now jonh and I will enable the autosave to see if the issue persists I am also disabling the controls in p3d and just using the new ones I have just done in fsuipc I will then list what was connected in terms of add ons thank you very much for you help and reply’s when I went in the pc this morning around 7 the issue was already there so I have exit the sim came back in tried to load a previous flight but there was no files saved in there
  11. I will do a few more tests jonh and get back to you in a couple of days just to make sure thank you very much for replying this autosave issue only happened yesterday it never happened before it’s just strange cos it’s only happening after 7 hours never before .the auto save I am only saving 2 files and every 600 seconds and only in long hauls I have about 130 gb free in my ssd no jonh it didn’t save any files at all wich is strange
  12. I did already ence posting in here this issue does not happen unless I have fsuipc installed in my system thank you for trying to help anyway
  13. Indeed Thomas i have tried with p3d controls on or off with fsuipc controls on or off and the results are the same the auto save that’s what it supposed to do save the flights correct ? It’s not saving as it says in the log it happens with any aircraft like I stated in my post only after 7 hours I have been using fsuipc for years in previous p3d versions and never had this issue as far as I know I don’t need to have all the profiles for all the aircraft some I prefer the way fsuipc handles them some I prefer p3d so I don’t think the issue it’s that otherwise it would happen straight away not
  14. hi there hope you are well as per title says i have been having this issue for a few weeks now tried everything including a fresh install of everything everytime i do a flight longer than 7 hours or more the sim will stop responding to any inputs or comands view changes in chaseplane etc etc the sound and the image its there so no freeze or crash to desktopi can ear and see the aircraft no problem everything else i dont gert any response or inputs this last flight i had the autosave on and it did not save any of it and the autopilot stops responding within the 7 hours or more it does happen
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