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  1. Hi John, this could actually make sense. I'm also using REX Skyforce cloud textures and the "in sync engine", but not the weather engine. Most tests so far have been okay but without the IVAO client running, which also draws from Simconnect. It could be that that just pushes it over the threshold. Thanks! Did you uninstall Skyforce completely or just stopped running the application?
  2. No, I was doing long hauls frequently before, often over 12 hours. I got a new joystick - the TCA sidestick from Thrustmaster. There also might have been a windows update. But no changes to the sim that I know of and it seems strange that a new joystick would cause this. Also to clarify: The issue happens after the sim runs for more than 7 hours. Doesn't happen if it's during a long haul flight, a series of shorter flights, standing on the ground not doing anything... passing 7 hours it locks up. I'll add the list of add-on installed addons and antivirus exclusions tomorrow,
  3. Hi Pete, I apologize for my tone, I don't mean to antagonize you or John and I simcerely appreciate the support. I've simply been so frustrated with the issue. The worst thing is that I cannot identify the culprit, I tried rolling back and removing addons installed around the time it started happening but to no avail. I am now trying unregistered FSUIPC. I am not aware of any Lua plug-in. Addons: EXE: Chaseplane 1.2.44 ActiveSky Couatl SODE DLL: RAASPRO Carenado Navigraph PMDG Interface IVAO Pilot Client
  4. there are no events, and the VCs regularly do more bad than good, but I'll try. I have tried it before but I'll try again. No offense John, but for the last 3 months this issue has been happening, and the only time it doesn't happen is when FSUIPC isn't installed.
  5. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ajwir6sTKzZQ8vRV314v3rlruf1u_A?e=HGIxKe
  6. Negative. First of all it's FSUIPC6 for P3Dv5HF2. When it's first installed it often works as intended throughtout a flight. When I set up controls via FSUIPC, it will start creating an issue where after 7 hours of the sim running it will freeze. My most often used way of finding out if it happened already is by pressing a hotkey for Chaseplane that's supposed to swich to external view. When the freeze already occured, nothing will happen. This only happens with FSUIPC installed. I tried fresh install of FSUIPC and setting up controls directly there but the result is still the s
  7. Hello there John, I'm also experiencing this freeze after 7 hours of running the simulator. Usually right when I install FSUIPC everything works, but the moment I set up any controls in FSUIPC (even a push-to-talk button on the trigger button on my joystick) it starts to happen. I will do a test with freshly installed FSUIPC and send you the appropriate logs. On this link you can also find my test log regarding this issue. I believe you will find it quite robust: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ajwir6sTKzZQ08gmZpyhaRSh5Gf7zQ?e=OZ3T60 Overall, me and a few other people having this
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