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  1. Thanks for the help. I deleted the wxstationlist.bin. That seem to so far solved my problems. I was able to do the 10hr flight with no hangup. My only other real issue that I noticed was I switched from using FSXWX and used FSRealWX. No hangup's or crashes.
  2. Ive done that and it still hangs up. This time once I start the flight hangs in about 2-3 seconds once it loads up.
  3. It still hanged up, this time with what you suggested. By the time the Game loads and I'm in the cockpit. I'd say about 2-3 seconds later it hangs. After awhile waiting for it to respond, it simply hangs up. FSUIPC4.log
  4. I was on about a 10hr flight from KATL to LFPG, and FSX just freezes while en route, this is something similar to what I've had before. Before I had started the flight I had uninstalled and reinstalled FSX and it ran okay for about 5 hours. Then it started to freeze. I could here the sound but I continued to let it freeze and it eventually stopped. I continued to let FSX run and was hoping I would get an error as to what happened. So far nothing. I then decided to force a shut down of the program, and was having a hard time of doing that. Even when I pressed Alt+CTRL+Delete and tried to open task manager that was a hard time in itself. I had to force my computer to restart the the program had closed. I did cancel the restart and went through FSUIPC log file (attached below). Event viewer did not give me any error or warning of the crash as well. Would hope I can get some help off here. I've attached the log file from the first time it had hanged up. I've also attahced another file trying to start another simulator, but after a few seconds. It hangs up. Any help will be gladly appreciated. Thanks. P.S had to archive the files because it was too big to upload. FSUIPC files.rar
  5. I just uninstalled and reinstalled and now it works. I'm starting to think FSX is unstable for Windows 10
  6. Ironically its crashing again and the MSCTF.DLL is the reason.
  7. Well I certainly appreciate your help. Apparently I was missing wxstationlist.bin in my weather folder. I added it to the folder and no crashes both with FSUIPC and without it.
  8. It didnt create a new one. I've restarted it and it doesnt show one on my list of files. Also am I supposed to have a Simconnect.xml file on there as well cause I dont have one on my end.
  9. I just found out that even without FSUIPC. If I used the factory setting real weather (static) it would freeze the game and crash. What could that mean?
  10. Yes also I never did have a wxstation list file. It shows to be missing.
  11. Yes I've retested and it still crashes. What it's doing is basically when the loading is complete about 2-3 seconds in game it will freeze and not respond at all. It will give the busy circular motion on the mouse indicator. I have to sometimes force it to close by restarting my computer.
  12. Its not allowing me to upload a snapshot of the directory I'm trying to show you on my end. But if I think I'm in the right folder that your telling me to be in, I dont see that WX file. Disregard look below this post
  13. Heres the log you requested and I dont think I have that WX. File sending a over another reply with a snapshot. FSUIPC4.log
  14. Okay. Question what would be the directory for the WX. Files? I can't find them and I maybe missing them.
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