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  1. Hi Milan, my server computer (main pc with FS) had all the settings as mentioned except transmit and receive were both set to 512. I changed the transmit to 1024 while keeping the receive at 512. On my client PC I do not have any of these options as it is a laptop running on WIFI.
  2. Thanks Milan, I am unsure where its getting all the traffic from as I have all AI and Multiplayer traffic disabled in the sim. Wonder if IVAO was running in the background. I do have an X570 with a Zen 3 chip. I've updated the BIOS from Gigabyte to the latest F33 the nvme is pcie 3 bit the vid card is running on pcie 4. I will implement your suggestion with the network settings first thing tomorrow and report back my experience. Thanks.
  3. I have limited to 30 FPS which I have no problems with when not using P2A in Wide config. I intend to move P2A to the main PC and run it to see if it causes same issues without the Wide connection. Will report back my findings. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the response Pete. Yes this may have happened as I had issues with the USB device not working, so I had to remove and replug it. I am on the new AMD platform and they've had issues with USB. I have attached the WideClient logs from the other computer as well. Thanks. WideClient.log WideClient0.log
  5. Thanks! Find attached the requested files minus the client. This is the third flight where having Wide run with P2A caused severe stutters in the sim and disabling Wide stopped it. New folder.rar
  6. Hi there, I have noticed lots of stutters when using WideFS connected to P2A on MSFS. I have significant stutters on arrival upon TOD. I was able to verify WideFS causing this as turning Wide off and disconnecting it made the stuttering stop instantly. FSUIPC 7 by itself does not cause any issues. Regards V3
  7. Hello, I recently purchased FSUIPC Wide to use with the FSUIPC7 trial, I realised on simMarket I purchased FSUIPC4 along with it on September 15th. Any way to avail the upgrade discount? Thank you.
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