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  1. Thanks John for your reply, I solved using the new FSUIPC7.exe found in your reply to Guenseli. Honestly speaking I'm a little bit confused about the differences between airplane. Is there a way to standardize the button behaviour in a way that it works on every aircraft? I know, it's a silly question but my goal is to build a mini Autopilot panels with the common functions in order to be used by my flight sim community. I started testing my prototype with MSFS (because I love to do VFR flights and the graphic is stunning) but I have tested it with Xplane11 and I found that c
  2. Paul, I've tried all the controls you listed but none is working. I mean, when the control is sent to the FS nothing happen and the event is not shown in the FSUIPC7 log console. Spokes reported that the AP_VS_HOLD is not workign since FS2002 (18 years??? Is it possible?). This could be a big show stopper for my project for the autopilot panel 😞
  3. Hi, I can't fire the AP_VS_HOLD event to select the VS mode in the autopilot panel. If I push the corresponding button in the simulator panel I can see in the log console the event fired. When I click on my button I can't see the event fired in the console. The code is quite simple and it's work for all the other event: FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.AP_VS_HOLD, 0); Is this my fault or its a SimConnect bug? Thanks, Fabio
  4. Understood. Last question (promised) is about the parameter value: Where I can find a documentation? I can activate the altitude hold with this statement FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.AP_ALT_HOLD, 0) but I can't activate the VS with this one FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.AP_VS_HOLD, 0); Do the AP_VS_HOLD require a parameter? Thanks, Fabio
  5. Thank you very much. It's much easier to use those events instead manage the offset directly. However it's work only on MSFS and not for Xplane. Sorry for the silly question and maybe it could be off topic but I'm confused about the various Control like FSUIPCControl and FsControl. Both have properties for the same thing (I think). Could you please help me to understand ? F.
  6. I have a rotary encoder to control the autopilot Altitude Lock and Vertical Hold offset. At the moment I calculate the new values (according to the encoder input) and set directly to the Offsets. I have experienced different behaviour between MSFS2020 and X-plane so I have found another way to do it raising Events. Is it possible to raise an Event (like the AP_ALT_VAR_DEC) with FSUIPC client DLL ? Thanks, Fabio
  7. Thanks Paul, it also seems strange to me that negative values can be entered. Waiting John feedback I have set to zero all negatives values. Fabio
  8. Hi all, I'm building my custom panel and I'm trying to set the hold altitude. At the moment it works fine for the positive values only. When it goes negative the altitude go wild 🙂 I'm using .net client 3 and FSUIPC7 and this is the relevant code: //Offset declaration private Offset<Int32> _autopilotAltitudeHoldVar = new Offset<Int32>(0x07D4); // Add the increment var actual = _autopilotAltitudeHoldVar.Value; var newalt = (Int32)(actual + diff * 0.3048 * 65536); (diff can be +100 or -100) _autopilotAltitudeHoldVar.Value = newalt; When I turn
  9. Hi Pete, thanks for you clarification. I'm going to write a custom client in c# to manage the communication towards my panel and to connect to FSUIPC using your .net library. Thanks for your effort! Fabio
  10. Thanks John, I'm working to make it as HID device. How can I configure FSUIPC to use it ? Is the HID the best way to interface with FSUIPC ? Fabio
  11. *** Moved from User Contributions sub-forum to main support forum *** Hi all, I know I'm probably the millionth person to make a custom panel and ask how to integrate with FSUIPC 🙂 Anyway, I'm trying to recreate the saitek multipanel (which seems to be disappeared from the market). I have bought the Teensy4.1 that is capable to implement various USB connections. I think the best choice is to use an HID connection. Before to start writing an external program (using the .net interface) I would like to ask if there is something already available. Could you please advice ? Kind
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