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  1. Awesome, thanks @John Dowson I'll have a play with those offsets and see what I can manage. Regards, Cameron.
  2. Hi All, I've been configuring a setup to run the G1000 G58 Baron in MSFS 2020. I can set a value for say the CDI of VOR1 to something and have it sync to inbound track when actioned, but I would like it to only change the value of the currently displayed VOR. For example with my current script below, if VOR1 is currently being displayed it will sync the track to the VOR station. Unfortunately it will also change the value and set it, even if the VOR2 is being displayed on the HSI. If switched back to VOR1 on HSI it will show the changed track. val = ipc.readUW("0c50") ipc.control(65716, val*360/65536) What I need it to do is to check if VOR1 or VOR2 is currently displayed on the HSI, and only sync the CDI to inbound track on currently displayed VOR. Is there any way I can extract the current displayed VOR with FSUIPC to cross reference the action? Regards, Cameron.
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