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  1. Oh ! I just discovered those checklists for the first time ! I didn't imagine that it could be integrated by Humberto. I noticed an xml file in ProsimUtils/checklists folder ... I don't know if we can use it to tweak a bit those checklists, like reducing the number of items to be displayed ... Olivier
  2. Ok, it works, I can control GSX with Python and a scrip. import pyuipc import time pyuipc.open(pyuipc.SIM_P3D64) pyuipc.write([(0x3114, 'u', 2939), (0x3110, 'u', 1070)]) time.sleep(2) pyuipc.write([(0x3114, 'u', 2098), (0x3110, 'u', 1070)]) time.sleep(2) pyuipc.write([(0x3114, 'u', 2097), (0x3110, 'u', 1070)]) pyuipc.close() With this script, and the aircraft positioned at the threshold of 04R (LFMN), I open GSX window, select the option 2 (Runway 04R) and select option 1 (ask for Follow me car). I included pauses in the script (time.sleep()) to let FSUIPC and P3D handle the diffe
  3. Dear Pete, I just tested my script following your suggestion. And ... indeed, writing first the offset 3114 and then the offset 3110 is definitely better ! By using Q, I could switch the sound on and off as I wished, several times. I included the log in my post for reference. To answer your question about ProsimUtils, I am sure it uses WideClient/FSUIPC. It works if I don't run Prosim, and it simply doesn't work if WideClient is not running. Olivier
  4. Thanks, Pete, for your analysis. I will contact Humberto and direct him to our discussion. In the mean time, I will try to control GSX from my small script. Olivier
  5. Pete, if I may, I would like to add my small contribution to the discussion. I tested ProsimUtils in two cases : I try to open the GSX menu and select the option 2 in the menu (several times), I try to open the GSX menu, let it close itself after a certain amount of time (10-15s), and try to open it again (several times). In both cases, I didn't touch the keyboard (only to exit P3D), I only triggered ProsimUtils using Firefox to send an HTTP POST request (it's the way it works with the CDU), all request has been well received by ProsimUtils and are written in log files.
  6. Thanks for your answers, Pete and John ! Unfortunately, I don't know ... All I can say is that ProsimUtils makes use of WideClient and then FSUIPC to interact with GSX menu. Apart from that, I don't know the library and the computer language used by Humberto. John is right ^^ ! In my opinion, as I put the tuple with 3110 first in the list, it should be the first one to be written, then the 3114. With your explanation, I must say that now I understand a bit more how it works ^^. I will try by writing to 3114 first (with the button & key logging option). I am not sure
  7. Hi all, Well, after a full day making white hairs, I think I need your help with FSUIPC and keystrokes sent from a program. At this time I am trying to understand why ProsimUtils has issues to control GSX : commands are sent from the CDU to ProsimUtils, and then to P3D through FSUIPC/WideClient. Sometimes, the command CTRL+SHIFT+F12 opens the usual FSX window, but it's rare, and the command following the first one (1 or 2 to select an option) does nothing ... After that, if I want to open GSX window again, it simply doesn't work. All commands are registered in FSUIPC log, so they are we
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