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  1. Mostly making sure that everything was the latest version, run installers and programs as admin and followed the suggestions on this thread ( https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87366-fsuipc-crashing-fsxse/ ) which looked like the problem I have, but no luck on that. I used a docking station for the Surface Pro which I'm running FSX on since it has only one usb port (USB3 I guess, it's pretty recent), but that was way before the problem happened. In fact nothing at all was connected to the laptop when I had this issue. By switching to USB2 do you mean to phisically change the port or is it something that I do via software? I use a Saitek joystick and Mobiflight with an Arduino Mega connected for a DIY MCP that I'm trying to build for the PMDG737. But as said before none of them were connected at the moment the issue arose. It worked properly until a few days ago then I left the laptop alone for a while and when I tried to start FSX again I had this message out of the blue. I am really not an expert, so pretty clueless on what to do. Also no idea why it says "XBOX 360 For Windows" since I've never owned an XBOX (or XBOX controller) in my life only Saitek AV8R and the Pro Flight Yoke, Throttle, Rudder and the Panels 😅 Thanks for help
  2. Good morning everyone! unfortunately I'm having the same issue on FSX:SE startup... Selecting "Yes" will crash and selecting "No" will start FSX without FSUIPC. I have no joystick or usb devices connected. FSX:SE and FSUIPC regularly registered. I didn't do any change to the programs since the last time it worked. I downloaded the latest version of FSUIPC from the website and tried to install it multiple times, and even reinstalled FSX but no luck. Everything was installed and "Run" as admin. I also tried other ways as suggested in this forum for the same problem but none of them worked. I attached the logs, hope this is the correct way! Thanks in advance for help, best regards Luca EventViewer FSUIPC Crash.txt FSUIPC4 Install.log FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4_prev.log
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