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  1. ok, thanks ill give that a try when i next get the chance. thanks
  2. Is RT being real traffic? If so then I will give that a try
  3. And I bought the airport through the Feelthere website as well as also buying the real colours on there as well
  4. Do I need to buy real traffic again because now all textures on all airports have gone funny IE the plane liveries have gone
  5. Ok thank you. I now have the airport working just not real colours which is doing exactly what the airport was doing and I have made sure the directory is correct and everything
  6. I think so yeah, it did it automatically
  7. When you say direct them to a common directory what do you mean?
  8. When I install EGLL it installs it but is not coming up in game its self and the only thing in the game file for EGLL is an file called 'Uninstal'... If anyone can help it would be much appreciated
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