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  1. thanks - i thought that might be the case (especially given the lacklustre quality of the MSFS default aircraft), but it doesn't really work for the CWS button since you have to hold it down - a bit difficult when trying to move the yoke at the same time 🙂 that said, i'm not convinced CWS is even implemented at all in the MSFS autopilot, so perhaps it doesn't matter...
  2. hello, has anyone found a way to control either the CWS push-button (on the yoke) or the INERT SEP switch (on the anti-ice panel) from FSUIPC? i can't find anything relevant in either the controls list or the offsets spreadsheet.
  3. thanks Pete. i was planning to use Lua anyway, but i'd assumed (wrongly, as it turns out) that the same limitation would exist in Lua, which i can now see isn't the case. i ran into one other issue, which is that the encoders on this device have a fairly short on/off cycle (about 10ms) and event.com() was missing a lot of the inputs. i fixed that by changing ComReadLoopTime from 20 to 5, but i'm not sure if that's the right fix there? aside from that, after a bit of fiddling around i've got the controls working a lot better than the MSFS defaults, so i'll be off to buy a license.
  4. hi there, i'm using FSUIPC7 (for now, with the "trial" license from the FAQ section) to see if i can make a couple of USB input devices work a bit better with MSFS. in particular, i'm using a Winwing F/A-18C Combat Panel, which is a USB button box with 56 buttons. so, i'm trying to add an assignment via "Assignments > Buttons & Switches", but i'm having a problem where FSUIPC won't detect some button presses. for example, buttons 7, 8 and 9 (a 3-way toggle switch) are detected fine, but buttons 51, 52 and 53 (a rotary encoder with push) aren't detected. in the Winwing softw
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