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  1. FSUIPC4.1.log i have noticed something interesting : if i use the mouse wheel, i can move one throttle to top but it comes back quickly to idle...
  2. when i try the throttles from the idle position they move a little and goes back with a click to idle
  3. I tried with a b737 from RIKOOOO. It wasn't perfect but the throttles move on screen ! It seems you were right : it has something to do with Aerosoft Airbus ! FSUIPC4 - Copie.ini
  4. for the moment i don't use Linda . I will put it off... Things are complicated ... enough 🙂 When i say "throttles don't move... it's on screen" : i can see on axis assignments folder, that both throttles are working. I'll upgrade fsuipc, desable completly linda stuff and will send you a new fsuipc.ini thank you again
  5. I was able to configure spoilers, flaps are almost good (1 crank is not needed) but the throttles don't move. regards Yves FSUIPC4.ini
  6. Hello I fly on FSX-SE with Aerosoft planes (A318/A321). As many others i bought TCA QUADRANT. Unfortunately i was'nt able to configure the throttles with FSUIPC4.. It seems people on Web encounter same difficulties. Is there a solution ?
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