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  1. Will your sceneries be coming to P3D? Nice work overall! Thanks
  2. Are your sceneries coming to P3D? Thanks
  3. Hello Textures are at 2K. I have the 1080 with max Vram Usage. Not sure if there is something wrong with the aircraft itself or not. No other aircrafts have this issue.
  4. Hello team, trying to use the Embraer E195 EJets for p3D v5 and I am unable to fly the aircraft while EA is enabled. As soon as I load my A/C I get a VRAM error. Nothing with any other aircraft. Is there a fix for this problem. Hope you guys can help out please. I have a GTX1080 with 8GB of vRAM memory Appreciate any advice/support Thanks
  5. Hopefully it wont be too long until we see the P3D version 🙂 Best of luck
  6. Hi Vic, Congrats on the first release Any chance, Please advise if this will make it to P3D? Thanks
  7. Your email support team says that the model is available. Contradicting information 😞
  8. I am not sure if that is true because Official Email Support of Feelthere have confirmed to me and other users that the Normal Winglet model as per the above picture is available. It is not included in the SP2 installer not sure why. Just waiting for the download link confirmation
  9. It's the same on on the product page of the Embraer it was part of the V2 for FS9 and FSX. I was wondering if it is available for P3D. https://ibb.co/y5zx63H Are you official support?
  10. Hello Where can I find the Classic Winglet model for the Ejet E175 V3 for P3D? The only model available in the actually files is the slanted winglet for the E175. Can someone please provide the normal winglet model file as per the below? Thanks As pictured below in your product page
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