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  1. Hi Fabio, I have spent 4 hours trying to sort this out. Sound is playing perfectly in MSFS, Youtube etc, but when I try to record a flight there is no sound at all. Attached are my settings. My speakers are a 2.1 system and are take their feed from my LG Monitor.
  2. Fabio I solved this one - it required the codec file (I had forgotten my new PC would not have this.
  3. Hi Fabio, I have enjoyed replaying my flights live very much with your fantastic product. Unfortunately, I am encountering a problem when I try to make an mp4. The attachment shows the error that I get when I have entered the file name for the mp4
  4. The quieter majority are patient but still as eager to try your product. Thank you for all the hard work and the stress during the last few weeks and months that you may have endured. Programming is not easy and sometimes it can take time to come up with the best solutions. So many of us understand what you are experiencing. Well done.
  5. Hi Fabio, I am very excited to use this with MSFS 2020, in fact I have purchased a licence and am just waiting to download when the v4.5 is released. In the meantime are you able to give an idea of when it will be ready? If not am I able to request a beta version? Thank You RIchard
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