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  1. @smirabal

    Just looking at your screenshot above shows that your microphone is not set up. “Set up your mic for speech recognition. Get started” suggests how you might fix your issue. I recommend selecting “Get started” and follow the prompts.


  2. 4 hours ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

    Wayne, this item is on our TowerX wishlist for evaluation. 🙂

    But in the meantime you are going to perpetuate the confusion by continuing to produce add-on airports (one per month according to a recent boast) that have default installation paths to an incorrect folder?  As a previously loyal customer, I find that a very disappointing decision given that the problem could be fixed so easily.

  3. So, going back to the original request by @andredragt to have the vast majority of BA traffic at T5 with just a few from T3, as in the real world, is it not easier to allocate just a small number of T3 gates in the airport coding only for BA? Such as:

    Terminal 3: AAL,ACA........ etc

    Terminal 3BA: BAW

    That seems a workable compromise.
    Now, how do you get the BA domestic flights to use the correct callsign SHUTTLE while still keeping  BAW/BA codes and not getting white aircraft?

  4. 7 minutes ago, ATControl -- Joe said:

    There is no rule in air traffic that states it must be spoken as nine or niner. The game understands both.  Thanks 

    I disagree with your first sentence.  Here is a screenshot of FAA JO Order 7110.65W page 2-4-5.  This policy document begins "This order prescribes air traffic control procedures and phraseology for use by personnel providing air traffic control services."

    FAA RT.png

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  5. 1 hour ago, scoobflight said:

    once you collect your installer burn it to a disk or thumb drive with a text file with the key-code.

    An old installer burned to anything is no use whatsoever when the latest version of an add-on needs to be downloaded and installed.  What is needed is the hyperlink to be able to download the latest version of Real Traffic, and the product registration key of course.

    Customer Service <cservice@bmtmicro.com> are extremely helpful.

  6. Guys,

    Point number 2 in the lead post is not a bug and it also happens at other airports for good reason.

    Please look at the hold short points for LEBL 07L which I have circled in red on the screenshot from Google Maps.  I have yet to play LEBL but the aircraft stopping on the taxiway reported by @GoalieMedic seems to be a correct simulation.  Imagine an aircraft crossing the undershoot of the runway on a taxiway just as another aircraft is on short finals to land, there is a collision risk plus a wake turbulence/jet wash risk; hence the hold shorts to allow clear separation.

    @hexzed does not specify which other airports or runways he is referring to but I'd stake my house on the fact that the aircraft are obeying hold short lines before crossing an undershoot.

    I hope this helps and reduces any frustration you may be feeling by watching this happen within T3D.  I would be reporting it as a bug if aircraft didn't stop!



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  7. Vic,

    Thanks for your comments on my observations.

    For the first point, I see that you agree that a mix of IATA and ICAO is cumbersome and should be streamlined.

    For the second, sorry but I disagree with you.  Surely it would be easier to have a master reference file for airlines and airports rather than the current plethora?  The current 16 airlines files within the game do not list just those airlines specific to that airport as there are dozens and dozens of irrelevant listings in each file, same for the 16 airports files.

    What about changes? I have to edit the RT airline data because it contains errors.  Here is a somewhat tongue in cheek example, if American Airlines was taken over by Walmart, (e.g. WMT, WM, WALMART, Walmart Airways, USA) using your system we would have to amend 16 different airlines.txt files whereas using my method would require one line of text amended in a central airlines.txt file.

    Because the TTS system results in some weird pronunciations I change the airlines.txt files to get the call sign pronounced correctly, but I have to do so up to 16 times when I really only want to do it once.  Then every time RT is updated I have to go back and edit/replace 16 files instead of one.  When EGKK is released make that 17, etc, etc.


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  8. Kev,

    Tower3D! reads the xxxx.schedule.txt file and, using your example above, it would be something akin to:

                      VIE,  BCN,  320,  OE,  322,  12:00,  08:45,  1,  OE  (The schedule must be written using 2-letter IATA airline codes.)

    Then Tower3D! reads the xxxx_airlines.txt file which converts the 2-letter IATA code into the 3-letter ICAO airline code:

                       LDM, OE, LAUDA MOTION, Laudamotion, Austria

    So OE 322 from the schedule becomes LDM 322 which is then seen on the flight strips and command window.

    The single flight number is the one from the schedule file so, in your example, either 322 or 77.  You can add a letter (in this case U) in the schedule file and it will appear on the flight strips and in the command window but TTS and voice recognition ignores it.

    In a similar manner the 3-letter IATA airport codes used in the schedule are converted into 4-letter ICAO aiport codes, to be displayed within the game, by the xxxx_airports.txt file, for example:

                     BCN BARCELONA_SPAIN                           41.18 N   2.05 E LEBL

    Why this mix and necessary conversion from IATA to ICAO codes? Only the developers can answer.

    Why each airport folder needs its own airlines & airports file instead of single lookup files for all airports defeats me.

    More items for the next version?


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