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  1. Awesome, thanks guys! Looking forward to KLAS. I have just bought a top of the range Alienware laptop because my old Vaio struggles with some airports and KATL is more like a photo than a video, hardly any movement at all, and totally unplayable. I've also bought the new Alienware monitor so double screens!  I can't wait for my new beast to be delivered.

  2. 14 hours ago, coyotedelmar said:

    Bunch of credit to dickparker, schedule creator is what got me into digging into the files, and mostly how I figured things out if I recall. 


    I second that credit to dickparker, although I have never used his SC he helped me a while ago to understand the schedule files and how easy it is to modify them.  Because it is so easy that is why I don't understand why so many of the Real Traffic schedules are so out of date. But I believe that coincident with the release of KLAS will be a big update of RT. I await the update with anticipation. No more Cactus at KPHL?

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  3. 17 hours ago, Pdubya said:

    I will play devil's advocate here and disagree with winsaudi. I actually think it is crucial for you to do this if you want a high level of recognition and less frustration using VR.

    Hi Pdubya,

    I didn't just make up my post, on February 24 FeelThere posted the following in another thread:

    "According to our programmer .... teaching the speech is no longer required".  

    Not wishing to disagree with the superstar that wrote the software, I didn't bother with the redundant training and I find the speech recognition in T3D Pro works superbly.


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