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  1. Craig, Just like Andrew wrote above, I also prefer the 'stretched across 2 monitors' setup. Firstly because of the "more immersive" experience Andrew mentions and secondly because I gave up with the repeatedly closing windows (mainly the strip window) when they were on a separate monitor. When using the 'stretched' layout the information windows do not continually keep closing which for me made the '2 different monitor setup' almost unusable. I also now put the info windows on the outside edges of the displays as Craig mentioned. I wish that Pro would remember the last layout used so I d
  2. You are welcome. I would strongly recommend getting Pro, the original version is for kids!! ????
  3. Good news about RT at last from Nyerges (via FeelThere).
  4. Inspired by WildCard I downloaded a hex editor, opened the files he listed, looked at making the same editorial changes to improve Pro accuracy, and immediately gave up. Now waiting for an SP from FeelThere. That all looked so complicated and fraught with dangers!
  5. Yes, my error. When I edited the terminal file to correct the RT assignments to real world I somehow I turned GA into G. Straight to the bottom of the class! ???
  6. I have controlled at KSAN from 0631 (earliest available start) to 1651 in one hour chunks. Not one GA aircraft has appeared, not even one parked on the GA ramp. The ksan_gaandlocal traffic.txt file lists 129 movements but so far not a single one has been seen. I don't know if Pro SP1a or the latest update to KSAN has caused this because I installed them at the same time but before the updates I had GA traffic. Anyone else (not) seeing this?
  7. There is a fundamental difference in the work ethics of FeelThere and Nyerges Design. FT strive tirelessly to provide the best product possible so I am sure they will review WildCard's suggestions and will consider which ones they will include in a future SP. On the other hand ND do not seem to be as keen to make their products to the same levels of realism. Take the latest Real Traffic version issued to dovetail into FT's new terminal listing at KSAN; it took me 5 minutes on the internet (flight aware & san.org) to see that it was wrong. So I ended up editing the terminal file again, the
  8. That is very disappointing. Perhaps FeelThere can persuade Nyerges to bring their product forward 15-20 years?
  9. I do hope Avwriter flew out of KATL and will fly back to KATL. Otherwise Vic & team will have to make another add-on or two! ??? Get well soon buddy!
  10. Two for one! Nice one FeelThere, KATL add-on & Avwriter. The future is bright.
  11. Ha! Ha! Brilliant! We'll miss Avwriter when KATL is released and he doesn't need this forum any more.
  12. Now this isn't going to surprise anyone at all because it has often been asked for on this forum .... FeelThere can we please please please please please have a Sticky that lists the latest versions of T3D, Pro, and all the add-ons? This Sticky would stop us all re-downloading install files 'just in case' there has been an update, it would be an easy way to announce the availability of new/updated files and it would stop threads like this one which I started last week and hasn't really been answered. Also, with each install package could we please please please have a text file listi
  13. I can get aircraft to exit or B9 or B10 but I have to give that command before the 'landed +10 pts" pop up otherwise the exit 'chosen by the the pilot" is locked in.
  14. I have just re-downloaded from BMTMicro; within the zip file is "KJFK_for_Tower3D_Pro_SP1.exe", is that the latest version (with the shorter tower)?
  15. Hi guys, Could you kindly give an update on the progress of the KJFK SP for Pro? Thanks!
  16. Vic, In a perfect world I would love to meet up with the FeelThere team and the other members of this forum. I am sure it would be a really enjoyable & interesting event. Sadly, I think real world logistics would significantly reduce attendance pssibilities. If the 'locations' of members of this forum are correct you seem to have customers from all over the world so travel, even for such a potentially great meeting of FT friends, might be too difficult. My family home is thousands of miles from where I work so a trip to chat with my T3D sim buddies instead of going home would not go d
  17. Mikem, Don't worry, the Real Color packs work for Pro and original flavour T3D. They have not been updated for Pro because the original RC ad-ons still work. Edit: it looks like I was typing at the same time of Avwriter! Oh well, 2 replies are better than none.
  18. I have just downloaded KSAN again, and I see the same as KI408 - i.e. no obvious Pro file. If I assume that the SP2 file dated yesterday is for Pro then it is disappointing that when going for the install the default directory is "FeelThere/Tower 3D" not "FeelThere/Tower!3D Pro". Incorrect default install folders are the cause of a significant number of pleas for help on this forum. I feel for those customers who do not know that this forum exists. Vic & team, I stand with KI408 in requesting clarification and I ask for better default install routing in future upgrades & add-
  19. "Go around" works for me, I then hand them to Departures and off they just like a T after take-off, once they disappear of the side of the DBRITE they reappear for another approach. I don't use the "change" command but if I want them to land on a different runway I tell them to "Enter final runway xx".
  20. Well said. One step at a time to make a great simulation perfect.
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