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  1. Yes, yes, yes please! I could not agree more. Gabor, if you read this please tell us a 2017 version of RT & RC is on the way.
  2. I echo HarryCYUL's comments. It is a brilliant piece of software which will never get boring. Great job FeelThere! (Just wish Nyerges Design would bring RT up to date).
  3. No I don't believe im miracles. But in this case crbascott I'm willing to suspend belief! Good job!
  4. Ahh, Avwriter ... I'd forgotten you are a KATL enthusiast!
  5. Perhaps slightly off topic, but at KATL taxiway "D" is called "Dixie" because of the vast number of Delta Airlines traffic. What can we expect in the KATL add-on? Delta or Dixie?
  6. I did 48 starts at KSAN, two for each selectable hour, and not once did I have a wind with a westerly component. I think that there is a line of code that needs rewriting.
  7. Yes. I only use random weather and I have only ever seen winds with an easterly component never a westerly.
  8. This has been suggested several times over the past year in this forum. I hope it will eventually come to fruition.
  9. Vic, I don't know why but I have an approx 50% success rate with the automatic launch of speech recognition. When it fails to launch I hear the clicks when I press and release left shift but no words appear in the window and it is obvious that the program does not hear me. When I launch speech recognition manually I have a 100% success rate. My system is Windows 10 Pro, version 1607, OS build 14393.693, 64 bit. I guess having a 50% hit rate is going to make an investigation almost impossible. W
  10. Mike, I'm glad my suggestion helped you to enjoy Vic's brilliant piece of software. w
  11. Mike, I only joined the party at T3D so I don't know anything about T2011 speech recognition, but for Pro it works well for me when I start my Windows 10 speech recognition from the control panel before I start Pro. Have you tried that?
  12. watsonjd, i do not know what nolli1962's mistake was but when I had the same problem last week the advice given in this forum was to run the tower3d.exe file as an administrator and that fixed it for me.
  13. Real Traffic desperately needs updating, but as far as I'm aware Nyerges Design doesn't have a forum such as this where we can express our views. I hope Gabor reads this and can give us his thoughts on updating RT airlines & schedules. In RT there are nearly 200 US Air flights at KPHL but the only person using that livery and the Cactus callsign is Tom Hanks!
  14. You can tweak the schedules in RT you simply edit the schedule.txt file in the extensions/airfields folder for the airport using Notepad or WordPad. It is really easy. I also edit the terminal.txt files in the same way.
  15. Make sure RT installs to your 3D Pro folder not the legacy 3D folder.
  16. RickyJ, You are correct with your assumptions of the handover of aircraft between Ground & Tower controllers. But there are a few wrinkles around the world. 1. If an aircraft taxiing with Ground has to cross the active runway it should switch to Tower to request clearance to cross, then report runway vacated and switch back to Ground. 2. At some airports this frequency switch is negated by the aircraft staying on Ground, requesting clearance to cross, then Ground coordinates with Tower, approves the crossing, aircraft reports vacated, Ground informs Tower. 3. At a small
  17. I like the addition of the wind indicator in Pro but the arrow is 180 degrees out. The arrow should point into wind not point downwind. So if the needle is pointing at, say, 270 then a runway closest to 27 should be in use. But in Pro if the needle points at 270 then runway 09 should be in use which is counter intuitive.
  18. I gave tech advice! My grandchildren won't believe me!
  19. Where else do you get customer service this good? Many thanks to Vic & the team.
  20. How to kill the Sticky Keys pop up: when the annoying box pops up, click on the hyperlink to go to 'Set up Stick Keys' then ensure that the box next to 'Turn on Sicky Keys if shift is pressed 5 times' is unchecked. That's it. Done.
  21. That's a pity. If the real word airports would only consider landing over the top of lined up aircraft followed by aircraft taking-off over other aircraft in their landing roll (like some crazy aviation version of leap frog) just think how much they could increase their capacity!! ??? But count me out! I'd switch to trains ?
  22. This may already have been posted but I don't recall reading it .... .... in "Statistics" the Controlled Hours time is still stuck at zero as it was in 'normal' T3D.
  23. If you have Real Traffic, look in the FeelThere / Tower3!D Pro / Extensions / Airfields folder, then in each individual airfield folder is the same file with a slightly different name, e.g. kphl_airlines.txt, or klax_airlines.txt etc. The data is from Nyerges but is woefully out of date so I have edited my own files, including the terminal and schedule files, to bring my Tower as up to date as possible. The Nyerges lists are not in alphabetical order which doesn't help much. If you don't have Real Traffic I can't help much other than a steer to the online manual which lists 15 ficticious
  24. If you Google 'Kaspersky how to add trusted application' there are simple instructions with pictures that even I could follow. It's best that I don't give computer tech advice?
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