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  1. Just a follow-up to see if you've made progress. NOTE: I have also seen where the wheels are floating a few feet above the runway instead of ON the runway.
  2. Thank you for looking into it. Yes, same plane. No changes at all between record and playback. Playback was immediately after the landing was recorded. It sounds similar to the issue posted saying hard landings don't show as hard landings on replay.
  3. Hi Fabio, I'm having a problem with this aircraft sinking into the runway. It happens at all airports I've tried, at least 5 of them. When landing the plane "live", it looks normal and all is fine. It is only on playback that the plane sinks in. I'll attach a screenshot; please excuse the quality, it is horrible due to the HDR settings. In game, it looks normal. This was taken shortly after landing on rollout. I haven't setup the Codec yet or I would attach a video. t
  4. Fabio, Would you consider adding the Angle Of Attack indicator in the cockpit as a recorded "instrument"? I'm referring to the "green donut" with arrows above and below. Specifically thinking about the Working Title CJ4. It's a very important indicator and would be awesome to monitor AOA while analyzing landings. Thank you in advance for considering this request.
  5. Thank you for the reply willynanita! After I posted, I gave it a try and it loaded up fine. Just a little confusing as the documentation says to use that specific .exe file. No worries though🙂 Another question from the readme file/documentation page 9/20: how is the InGame Menu accessed in MSFS? Thanks in advance!
  6. Just downloaded and installed the app. No errors from install. Please see the attached screenshots. In the MSFS folder, the .exe file does not have MSFS in the name per the doc file. Do I have the correct .exe to run for MSFS? Also, the update is named 26March21. Does that stand for 26th of March 2021? If so, shouldn't it be referencing February?
  7. Does FCR record the Angle Of Attack indicator in the cockpit for playback? I'm referring to the "green donut" with arrows above and below. Specifically thinking about the Working Title CJ4. Would be great to be able to monitor AOA while analyzing landings. Thanks in advance!
  8. I think that would be a really bad idea. Right now, there are new users who will need tech support to get the product to work. A few days away from his project would be a disaster. Probably a good idea to wait at least a month before taking a few days off. Especially since this is a product he is passionate about. And, his paying customers will surely appreciate him being available😊
  9. From Fabio's post above dated Monday February 1st at 12:56pm: ===================================================================================== Posted Monday at 12:56 PM Hi Folks ! beta 4 is the best version we had with a lot of under the hood improvements ! the window of release is in one week ! ============================================================== With the intense interest, I'm sure the date won't slip! The countdown to release/download has begun!!
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