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  1. Trying to watch myself from the ground like in this old FSX video I made with FS Recorder way back when, lol. I can watch my recording from the ground with FCR but it doesn't show the aerobatics. And these are not real Lomcevaks as the flight model would not allow actual Lomcevaks back then. I can watch from the exterior view and record it with a screen recorder but that is not ideal as you do not get real good perspective as if you were on the ground watching. Here are my first few attempts (but since FCR does not record, or play back aerobatics I have t
  2. My first video with FCR. Flight Control Replay is finally compatible with MSFS 2020 so I can get better footage, even from a fixed point on the ground. This is my first video using FCR, enjoy the mountains and valleys of Switzerland. https://youtu.be/SZpBuQxzXMk
  3. I had a weird issue with an easy fix. I connected FCR to fs 2020 right after firing up the sim, went to my local airport and the ground textures were horrible, a patchwork quilt of different tiles. I exited everything and started FCR and slid it to the 2nd monitor, started the sim, loaded a flight, hit ready and only after I was ready to fly did I hit Connect on FCR, and everything was beautiful and perfect.
  4. Thank you, I tried it and need some work, lol, but I will get there. Thank you. I think I'll hook my drone to my controllers, or maybe the 360 controller.
  5. Excellent, works great. Great video Karli, how do you do the scenes from a set position, I can follow my plane from all angles but cannot figure out how to get the set positions from the ground, fly by, or the far away views. Thank you.
  6. But, even though he uploaded it to them, maybe it will take another day or two for them to get it in the store. I hope they work on the weekends. I am actually going to hope for Monday, so if we get it before then I'll be pleasantly surprised, but if it is not available Monday I am going to lay an egg and call my psychiatrist. My wife told him I was scratching in the dirt and clucking like a chicken, he said "I can cure him of that" and she said "Please don't, we need the eggs." LOL, jk.
  7. Top reply on this page fro Fabio: 16 hours ago, FabioMerlo said: "Hi Guys ! I was transparent , maybe too much .... other competitors choose the line of no announcement at all and release without preview . I was open to all comments . The bits are ready , but there are things that are out of my control , pubblishing things i mean .... I have my bits ready and uploaded. Tomorrow will be the day ! Saturday 13 Feb 2021 "
  8. Will the updated version only be on Sim Market, will it be in the Market inside MSFS 2020, and will it automatically update or tell us we need to update if we open Flight Control Replay on our PC if we already own it? Fabio, I must say that I am more excited about this release than I have ever been about another online product, ever, even more than I was for MSFS 2020. This will bring me the joys I had with it in my old FSX/P3D days, before I got into space simming. MSFS 2020 brought me back to flight simming, and this will have me spending many more hours c
  9. People, last week he said it was a week away, so I was looking for this Monday, now he says he will deliver it tomorrow and it will likely be in the the store 2 days from then, so likely Tuesday. So for those that own it maybe Sunday or Monday, maybe to update, or maybe for all around Tuesday in the store. Have patience.
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