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  1. Okay. I haven't kept up with FSUIPC for quite a while and I just reinstalled FSX for various reasons (along with P3D and MSFS) and couldn't live without FSUIPC in it so I just got it.
  2. Oh. I also use FSUIPC4 so will that be updated, too?
  3. Wow. I'm surprised, too. Thanks for fixing it.
  4. I had some free time and whatever you did fixed it. I gave it this line in the Programs section. RUN2=READY,CLOSE,"C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe" "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\303df744-c367-4681-a409-4ac2f187b39e.json" Out of curiousity what did you fix?
  5. I will test it later today when I can get back to my desk. Thanks.
  6. I did some more testing and I can run the program if I do this. Run2=READY,CLOSE,C:\Users\Brett\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe As soon as I add an argument it fails saying it can't find the directory but it works from the command line window or a Powershell script. At this point I'll start them manually or do something else. I did try running the above but with <PathtoPowershell>powershell.exe which works but as soon as I add a paramater such as "-command <pathtoprog>\script.ps1" I get the 267 error.
  7. Nope. I replaced my name with NAME. In the ini file it's correct. I copied the string from the application's shortcut that it created. It's weird. The same line works fine in a command window or from a Powershell script no matter what directory the script or command window is in.
  8. Yup. and I do that with another program but for some reason when I do as above (and any of the combinations discussed) the FSUIPC log shows a error about the directory and file yet the application will run from any directory when it's done from a command window or Powershell script. Strange.
  9. I did some more testing and contacted the author. The program is supposed to run and if the json file has a full path it uses it. I tested it in cmd and with a Powershell script where I did not change to the application's home directory and the program ran and started the proper window. However if I use the above command in FSUIPC I get the 267, invalid directory error. I also tried this command Run2=READY,CLOSE,Powershell "-command C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\303df744-c367-4681-a409-4ac2f187b39e.json" I'm not sure what is going on but a workaround is to finish something I was going to do a while back until I found the FSUIPC Run section. I'll create a script and have it run what I need. I assume that to run a Powershell command I can use the syntax Run2=powershell "-command Mycommandhere" From the command line this would be powershell -command Mycommandhere where Mycommand here is a Powershell command file.
  10. You are welcome. FSUIPC is fantastic and I've made good use of it!
  11. I found the issue. I wrote a Powershell script to start the exe and run one of the JSON files. Despite the fact that the full path to the JSON file is include it is ignored by the program. If I have the Powershell script cd to the apps home directory and then run the program with it's argument all is well. If I comment out the CD it whines. I'll let the author know as he may be making the assumption it always runs from a shortcut he creates which has the working directory so in effect it's cd'ing to the proper place and runs.
  12. I tried quoting it all. No luck there. I've had quotes on both the program and argument separately, and with none on the program but on the argument. Same result. The 267 error shows up in the FSUIPC log file. The program log files do not show anything but if it never started then that makes sense. The program never starts at all, no window that comes up and disappears, nothing.
  13. Okay. It appears that the exe doesn't look at the path but has to be in the same directory as the file. The desktop shortcut has not only the full path for the parameter but it seems to ignore the path part of the parameter and only look for the filename. Since the desktop shortcut has a working directory defined it moves to it, then looks for the file. At least that's what I think is happening. Anyway, I'll create a script to move to that directory and then execute those commands. Thanks for the help.
  14. I've got it set up for quotes around it all so I'll try that first. If that fails I'll go back and no quotes on the part with the exe but around the parameter part. Thanks.
  15. I was assuming the second portion containing the JSON file was a parameter to the first part with the exe hence my confusion. There were no spaces in the path but I include them out of habit working with various systems that sometimes get snarky when handling spaces.
  16. Ahh. Quotes on the entire string as in aua668 reply. I had quotes around each section - the exe path and the parameter - and just around the parameter but not around the whole thing. To clarify it for me. the manual (advanced) shows quotes around a path and around the parameter - each has it's own set of quotes but from what I see here you have to quote the exe and it's path along with any parameters - all in one set of quotes? Thanks. I'll try it shortly. So those are Windows return codes then, not FSUIPC. No wonder they weren't in the FSUIPC manual <G>!
  17. -I've used the Programs section of the FSUIPC ini file to run some programs and it works well. I am now trying to run another program but keep ending up with an error 237. the entries in the Program section are. I'm on FSUIPC 6. Run2=READY,CLOSE,C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\303df744-c367-4681-a409-4ac2f187b39e.json Run3=READY,CLOSE,C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\d221813d-fb88-4233-a6c6-c7491de17616.json and the fsuipc.log has this in it. 31437 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\303df744-c367-4681-a409-4ac2f187b39e.json" [Error=267] 31437 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\NAME\Brett\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\d221813d-fb88-4233-a6c6-c7491de17616.json" [Error=267] If I run the command (minus the Runx=READY,CLOSE,) in a command window it works perfectly and brings up the window. I've tried to locate the error codes in the FSUIPC documentation but didn't find them. I must be doing something wrong but just can't find it. Based on the documentation and other posts dealing with the Programs section this should work.
  18. I understand and it won't get any better for sure. It's a fantastic program for sure. I keep finding it can do things in P3D I never dreamed of! I wanted to ask anyway as it's something X-Plane needs desperately but it's a lot of time and effort for someone to put in and then maintain support for it (that's the time eater!). Thanks. I'll just use it in P3D and eventually MSFS once I get time to actually fly in MSFS and not just setup on the ramp.
  19. I know XUIPC exists, well it is in a dormat state since it's not really supported. I use FSUIPC6 and 7 (since 4) and have for years back into the early FS sims. The program is pure genius and the more I use it the more I love it. I'm currently using it to connect Air Manager to Opus FSI for views in P3Dv5 so I can create a button panel on my monitor to simply select views. FSUIPC has so much power. However, I also fly X-Plane and it desperately needs FSUIPC (XUIPC does not count). I hope at some point you consider porting it but I know that's a total change of sims and a lot of work but many will be grateful and buy it! I know you may never consider it but I can at least ask you to consider it. If you ever do I'll be glad to test it.
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