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  1. Fabio... is there any way of preventing the drone camera from turning upside down as it follows the path of the plane down the runway? ( watching the aircraft coming in to land from the runway)
  2. Fabio.. Yes Yes Yes.. I think I have found the problem. I re-installed from the internet and it is now saving as it should I am pleased to say.
  3. Did you test it to see why it's not recording for me? The only way for me to record is to uncheck the default recording folder option and enter a name every time? I have also had issues when I load a flight it places me in the water in the middle of the sea?
  4. Also the minimise option does not work.. FCR vanishes from the screen totally when clicked and I have to use the taskbar to bring it back?
  5. When I click record it does not record anything although it tells me it's recording? When I use the option to name the the file for record it records the flight but does not stay on top?
  6. Fabio Toneking77 is asking "how is the InGame Menu accessed in MSFS?" I also would like to know how it is done? I hope I am not supposed to use the taskbar all the time... it's unbearable...
  7. Fabio, I have that NET framework installed and I am running FCR with admin rights? I have tried again and it still does not ask for a filename to save to and it does not record my flight although it tells me it's recording? It is a shame because it looks very promising... but very buggy for me at the moment I'm sorry to say..
  8. I only have Msfs... today I've noticed that if it is left unchecked it works a some of the time? The "Assign Keys/ Buttons" doesn't save either... Also when I press record it starts recording without asking for a file name? then when I select load, it has not saved it? One good thing thing Ive found is I can resize it horizontally to half the length which is great as it's too large in my opinion..
  9. Fabio... I must be doing something wrong! I have worse judder now and "Stay on top" option doesnt work for me... As soon as I click back onto my sim FCR vanishes and I have to use the task bar to bring it back? One plus is no CTDs so far after one hour using it... Also can you tell me how you seem to drag it from nowhere to have it back on your desktop in your latest video? Thanks..
  10. Fabio thanks.. Is it possible to resize it to maybe 1/4 of the size? I only have one monitor and it takes up too much space on my screen...
  11. Is there a way of keeping FCR on the screen instead of it vanishing all the time?. It's a real pain having use the taskbar everytime I want to rewind etc.... I must be missing something here as surely this cant be how it's meant to be used?
  12. Fabio.. is there a way of minimising FCR so it stays on top screen but in a smaller minimised condition so I dont have to use the task bar every time I want to use it, which is a lot?.... If not can I bind a key do do such a thing? Having it disappear totally is not good... thanks
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