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  1. I'd like to add to this as I experience similar problems myself (instead of opening new topic). Using E jets v3 SP2, p3dv5.1 I always wanted to recreate flights into london city with the E-190. However once established on the glidepath the speed just keeps increasing. I have tried different weights but it doesn't fix the issue. See here a real life approach in an E-190 into LCY (notice how speed stays the same, power not even idle!). It seems to me the drag is completely off with this addon and would need be fixed! Landing at LCY is basically impossible right now.
  2. Thanks for the response, that indeed works
  3. Hi, While flying I used the ND mode "PLAN" and within the FPL I cycled ahead to see my arrival. When I switched back to "MAP" mode the plane stayed where I had cycled to. I tried cycling back to the active waypoint in the FPL page but that didn't fix this either as the plane got stuck on the active waypoint. Using P3Dv5.1 hotfix 1, EMB E175 v3, windows 10 x64. Steps to reproduce: While flying use the PLAN mode on the ND and cycle through some waypoints. Switch back to MAP mode. Walter D.
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