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  1. Member 36 265 posts Hi, I’m now flying the A320NEO pretty successfully online with VATSIM in MSFS2020. One big problem I have is the messages dialogue window pops up right in the middle of the screen and this is a horrible distraction when on landing approach for example. Can it be moved? In P3D and FSX for example, the messages are of course in white or red on a green bar at the top of the screen - well out of the way. But in MSFS2020 the
  2. Good to hear Pete! Yes, hopefully this year, holidays can begin again. And I'm 65 this year !! 😀 Cheers, Lee
  3. Hello Dave, Yes, I have this utility - but it cannot work because I cannot MOVE the Community and One Store folders onto a new drive !! Until I can do that, I'm stuffed. I used MOD Manager to make a backup of the Community folder, but it will not back up the One Store subfolder - so I cannot make any links until the folder structure is fully installed on my H: drive so that it can be recognised as such. Cheers, Lee
  4. Thanks Pete, I knew you'd have the answer! I guessed this might be the thing, so yes, I'll do it. Thanks for the reply. How are you? Been a while since I saw you last! Hope you are well sir! Regards Lee
  5. Hi, Not sure exactly where to put this question, but I'm posting it to see if the experts can help. So far, even MS Tech Support cannot provide and answer .... I now have one big issue. As I begin to explore and enjoy Flight Simulator 2020 more and install liveries and scenery add-ons, I am going to hit a space problem. I have MSFS2020 installed in it's default installation on my 1TB SSD main C: drive. The full path:- C:\Users\<MyName>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community I am told that it is possible to
  6. Ok John, Just so I understand this ..... Ofcourse, I assume that FSUIPCv6 will only be active (running?) when I use P3D to fly. And if I understand you correctly, since FSUIPCv7 is now an application that is to be "run" - then as long as it is not running or active when I am flying in P3D that should be fine, yes? But when I want to fly MSFS2020, I run the newer FSUIPCv7 - and since P3D is not running, FSUIPCv6 will not be active and so should not interfere with v7? Am I understanding this correctly? Thank you Lee
  7. Hi First visit to this forum having just registered .... I currently use P3Dv4.5 as my main simulator - and I have a registered version of FSUIPCv6. I have been a long time registered user of FSUIPC since ages ago. For the moment, P3D is my primary Simulator. I fly for a number of virtual airlines, a handful of which do not yet support MSFS2020. However, I have been flying MSFS2020 since August, mainly the Cessna and doing videos exploring the new SIM, but now, having flown a few test flights in the FlyByWire A320NEO, I am beginning to think about doing some of my VA fli
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